Morey can’t say everything, but he’s talking about what happens after Melton’s deal

De’Anthony Melton becomes Six.

However, Daryl Morey, president of basketball operations, could not yet admit this at his post-NBA press conference at the team’s training center in Camden, New Jersey. As the Sixers’ Melton deal had not yet been completed in the league, Morey tried to settle the deal within a few hours, but was also able to say that if anyone wanted to review the tape, he was not doing anything specific.

“We’re trying to win right now,” Morey said. “We’re looking for players who can contribute. We were No. 1 defender two years ago. We were good last year. We definitely want to improve that. “Someone like that is someone who can really bet and be a two-way player. Someone like that would be a great addition.”

This is exactly what happened to Melton, who celebrated his 24th birthday last month.

Morey also advised Sixers to take a positive view of Melton’s youth and contract. Melton will have to pay $ 16.25 million over the next two years (unless he gives up by July 3, 2023). Since Joel Embiid is at his best, Sixers wants to maximize these seasons.

“I like being pushed by vets and young boys by vets,” Morey said. “So I think we appreciate the draft options quite a lot.… Look, it’s really valuable if you give up, but we’re kind of in a very important window.

“We have probably not come as far as we would have liked. So we’re looking for more victory now. If we could have someone at the beginning of our career, but already contributing (who) could be here for a long time, it would also be great.

When Morey was asked to look to the future, he was again wary of crossing any borders. However, he remained consistent in his public message about James Harden’s contractual situation.

The 10-time All-Star has a $ 47.4 million player opportunity for next season.

“Well, we can’t talk yet,” Morey said. “I would wait,” I don’t really know. We’re having conversations with him. As you have heard, it is a festival of mutual love, so we feel we can handle it.

Morey spoke more freely about Sixers’ approach behind Embbi.

At the end of last year’s second round of the draw, two big men were added, finishing Filip Petrušev 50th and Charles Bassey 53rd. Excluding theoretical small ball opportunities such as Georges Niang and Tobias Harris, Sixers now has two centers behind Emboli. And Paul Reed is 23 years old. According to Morey, Petrushev will play for the Sixers in the Anadolu Ephesus season in Turkey after the season, but he is clearly not sure that he has a future in Philadelphia.

“I know (head coach Doc Rivers) is very excited about what Paul Reed gave us,” Morey said. “And in general, the boys don’t bet much in the first year. It’s a long way from a great winning team like ours, but I hope Bassey can make a contribution at some point this year. Hopefully Paul will continue what he did at the end of last year.

“Again, we are opportunistic when we spend more on a free agency. Minimum spending is treated opportunistically. But I think the minimum spending bar for a backup center is high because we feel we have some men who can bet.

Although the details he could disclose are limited, “contributing” was perhaps a telling word to Morey.

And while it wouldn’t have been strategically sensible to discuss Sixers’ hopes for a free agency completely openly — for example, all questions about PJ Tucker would have been immediately dismissed — Morey’s present-minded attitude was undoubtedly sincere.

“Look, (lead partner Josh Harris and co-lead partner David Blitzer) allow us to spend everything we need,” he said. “Estimating fees limits us in some ways; sometimes you can’t get everyone you want. But we think by mapping it with as many options as possible – maybe eight to 12, which we think could help and stay within what we have. is allowed to do – we feel pretty good being able to get someone to contribute and take part in our playoff rotation.

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