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The first episode of Tyreek Hill’s podcast created a number of issues. In the second episode of Tyreek Hill’s podcast, Hill and his co-host tried to fix things.

Right out of the gate in the first season, in the second part That was what I had to sayHill and Julius Collins complained about the “snippets” of the first episode, which caused exactly the kind of confusion they wanted to cause.

Free advice for anyone with a podcast. You either want people to look at your reaction and react to it, or you don’t. But you can’t choose how people react. And the things that were said in the first episode of Hill’s podcast called for and encouraged a response.

That means some fans probably went too far.

“I received death threats from every social media – I received death threats from every social media account I have,” Hill said. “What’s ridiculous. What do I like, you know?”

Hill never said why he loves it. Based on what he has said and what he has said, we think he likes that his comments are confusing and that he does not take the threat of death seriously.

Collins specifically complained that some in the media have a “shut up and play” attitude towards Hill. We didn’t notice it anywhere; “Shut up and play” is the reaction of those who want athletes not to talk about other topics, especially politics.

This means that it is fair for the media to criticize Hill for his words. Doing so does not mean telling him to “shut up and play.”

He has the right to express his opinion. And those who listen to him have the right to respond to his opinion. Don’t Hill and Collins want that? Reaction, involvement, interest, etc.?

It may be that Hill, like many other athletes and celebrities, wants to get his opinion and that no one will criticize his opinion, even if his opinion deserves criticism.

Publishing an opinion does not mean that. Expressing an opinion – a particularly strong opinion that seems ridiculous to the average person (e.g. “Tua is more accurate than Patrick Mahomes”) – screams for the reaction he experienced.

“I took a lot of heat, man,” Hill said of the reaction to the first part of his podcast. “From fans, analysts, family members. It was crazy. Last week was probably the craziest week of my life playing for the Miami Dolphins.

But what was he waiting for? He said things that most people would think is very wrong compared to an all-time top player who is still struggling to reach his potential, and said an unproven quarterback throws more accurately than a proven quarterback.

Again, Hill has every right to comment. Everyone who listens to his or her podcast has the right to respond to his or her opinion. If Hill and Collins don’t like it or don’t understand it, they shouldn’t do a podcast.

Yes, Hill’s comments (which he said were meant to give Tuala more confidence) are only to put more pressure on Tuala to follow Hill’s praise. Yes, Hill’s comments about his role in the Kansas City attack last season put more pressure on Dolphins to get the ball more than the Chiefs in 2021, as he made it clear in the first part that he wasn’t happy with the number. the goals and touches he received in 2021.

Collins was introduced in the first episode as Hill’s longtime lawyer. If Collins still represents Hill, Collins should ask himself if the instructions that Collins is asking for will lead him to talk about things that are in Hill’s best interests. Indeed, many of Hill’s more controversial comments in the first episode were prompted by Collins’ questions about who knew or should have known what Hill was going to say and how others would potentially react.

The first episode lasted almost an hour. The second episode lasted 25 minutes. It consisted exclusively of responding to the first episode. If the third episode consists of a reaction to the second episode, it may not be the fourth.

And frankly, if Hill and Collins want to say incendiary things without addressing the natural and obvious consequences of saying incendiary things, attorney Collins should let co-presenter Collins know it’s time to call it a day.

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