The former raider claims that Colin Kaepernick had one of the worst trainings ever


Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Now that the dust has settled during Colin Kaepernick’s training with the Las Vegas Raiders, it is unlikely that he will sign a contract with the team. If he had blown them, he would almost certainly have signed. The fact that he will not be signed means that the Raiders believe that his current level of talent is not worth the media attention he brings.

After training, it was widely disseminated that Kaepernick looked good with good hand strength and conditioning. However, Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated later announced that although the training was good, the quarterback did not hit everyone. The Raiders didn’t want anyone to compete, but it looks like the team will be Derek Carr’s reserve for Nick Mullens and Jarrett Stidham.

There hasn’t been much news on Kaepernick’s front lately, but the former Raiders player says he has an overview. Hall of fame Warren Sapp says he has heard the player’s training was much worse than reported.

“I heard it was a disaster,” Sapp told Vlad TV. “I heard one of the worst workouts ever. I wonder how the hell it happened and the tape didn’t come out, right? I mean, no one was over the fence or anything? Come on, man.”

Warren Sapp: I heard Kaepernick had one of the worst trainings with The Raiders (Part 8)Watch the full interview as a member of VladTV Youtube now – (iPhone Youtube app users click this link: Part 9: Part 7 : youtu. be / mDpuOnxHn8I Part 1: ——– In this clip, NFL Hall of Fame man Warren Sapp reveals that his sources told him that Colin Kaepernick’s recent training with Las Vegas…2022-06-21T18: 00: 03Z

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Could Kaepernick’s training be so bad?

Only a handful of people attended Kaepernick’s training, including Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler. There have not been any players reported to have trained, but there could have been a seamanship or two. It is unclear where Sapp can get his insight, as there is no reason to believe he has a direct line with McDaniels or Ziegler.

It is possible that the Hall of Famer has inside knowledge, but Kaepernick has trained in front of cameras a few times in recent years. In 2019, he trained for NFL teams and it was broadcast online. He looked good in training and it wasn’t a disaster. He may have been under additional pressure from training for the first time on the NFL team after playing. If the Raiders don’t write him a contract, it’s impossible to know exactly how good he looked during training.

Will Kaepernick play in the NFL again?

The more days Kaepernick goes without a contract, the less likely he is to play in the NFL this season. The Raiders who trained him were the biggest boost in recent years, but no other training has followed. There are teams that could use a solid backup guard, but it seems that teams would prefer to avoid Kaepernick at all.

He turns 35 during the season, so the clock is ticking at his best athletic level. Kaepernick’s success was largely due to his athleticism. If it gets out of hand, he has no reason for the team to sign him.

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