The Arkansas slugger achieves the longest HR recorded on the CWS ball field

Brady Slavens made history in the fifth shift of the Arkansas semifinal against Ole Missi in the 2022 Men’s College World Series.

According to official media records from the NCAA’s 2022 College World Series, Slavens smashed a solo run that was watched at an altitude of 436 feet. This distance exceeds the former Florida Gator Pete Alonso and Auburn Tiger Eduard Julien for the homer with the longest trace of men College World Series History Charles Schwab Field in Omaha (formerly TD Ameritrade Park) – unofficially. The stadium has hosted the tournament since it opened in 2011.

Why is this record unofficial? In 2019, we contacted Jeff Williams, NCAA’s deputy director of media coordination and statistics, to find out if the NCAA maintains historical records of College World Series’ longest home runs. Turns out not. But thanks to ESPN, the television that has been home to CWS since 2003, we have a pretty good idea of ​​the other longest bombs.

ESPN has been monitoring the home run distance since the tournament moved from Rosenblatt Stadium to Charles Schwab Field Omaha in 2011. According to ESPN Stats & Information, here are the longest hits in the world of men’s colleges since 2011:

22.06.22 Brady Slavens Arkansas 436 feet Be a miss 5 Center
6/16/19 Eduard Julien Chestnut 429 feet Mississippi 2 That’s right
6/20/15 Pete Alonso Florida 429 feet Virginia 2 Center
6/22/17 Brendan McKay Louisville 428 feet TCU 4 Right-middle
6/21/16 Pete Alonso Florida 425 feet Texas Tech 9 To the left
6/17/15 Pete Alonso Florida 421 feet Miami (Fla.) 7 Center
6/17/17 Dylan Busby State of Florida 421 feet LSU 1 Center
6/17/19 Cameron Warren Texas Tech 421 feet Arkansas 4 To the left

Slavens is just the third player to play home in the middle of Charles Schwab Field Omaha in a college game, joining Alonso and Busby from the MCWS list above.

Alonsol has three of the six longest homes on the list. His first big fly in the 2015 tournament recorded on June 17, 2015, in Derik Beauprez, Miami, at a speed of 93 miles per hour in fastball 421 feet from the left. The ball landed to a depth of about five rows, exactly to the left. the dough right in the middle.

It was the fourth and final home run of the night for Gators, who won 10: 2 to eliminate Hurricanes.

“It’s the best feeling in the world,” Alonso said after the game. “Especially if you connect with someone and it gets out of the park because historically the ball doesn’t move well here, it’s definitely a well-hit ball and putting the baseball on the field and having it over the fence is the best feeling in the world.”

Just three days later, Alonso broke his park record with this mammoth 429-foot blow to Virginia. This time he jumped on the hanging break ball and fired it well outside the 408-foot wall in the middle.

The Gators lost 5: 4 to Virginia at the end of the game, falling short of the CWS final. But Alonso certainly made an impression in Omaha. And he hadn’t finished.

Florida returned to the 2016 World Series of College and Alonso continued on the rake. In the ninth shift of the relegation game against Texas Tech, he smashed a 425-foot two-run home team that reached almost the field beyond the left-hand podium.

That would be Alonso’s last blow to Gators. He signed a second-round contract with Mets after Florida dropped out of Texas Tech. In his career in seven CWS games, Alonso scored 0.320 with an average (8-25), three home runs, five races and nine RBIs.

The longest-running CWS home row hit TD Ameritrade Park after Slavens, Julien and Alonso, three-time John Olerud Award winner Brendan McKay.

McKay hit his 428-foot bomb in 2017 – one foot less than the record – in his last college game in 2017. He lost to Louisville 4: 3 to TCU 1: 4.

“For me, it’s just another statistic,” McKay said at a post-game press conference in 2017. “But in the college world series, running home is fantastic, on national television in front of 20-000 thousand people in the stands – it’s pretty awesome.”

It is noteworthy that all eight home teams at the top of the ESPN list have come since 2015. The flat-stitch baseball – which moves beyond the bat – has been approved for use by the NCAA since this season. This step was taken to combat changes to bat specifications in 2011, which led to a reduction in offensive production. In the 2013 and 14th World Series of the College, a total of six home runs were caught with 30 games.

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The number of CWS home runs rose to 15 with a new ball in 2015 and closed in 2016. In 2017, 23 long balls were struck, breaking the new stadium record (2011-current). In 2021, it exceeded 28 MCWS household appliances.

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