Ranking of the 5 best attacking games of the Chiefs in 2021

Looking forward to the Kansas City Chiefs training camp – and the opportunity to see the next version of the attack by head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes – it’s a good time to look back at some of the amazing 2021 plays. Forget how the season ended, focusing instead on a fun game that saw the Chiefs smash their opponents.

I watched almost every game from every game. There were so many great plays in the great moments that restricting it to five plays was just … unfair.

So I decided to set some rules:

  • I divide it into attack and defense, five games from each unit. Let’s start the attack and defend next week.
  • Each game manager could only have one in the top five. For example: at the narrow end, Travis Kelce had several great moments, but only his best can make it to the list.
  • The other side of Mahomes is an underestimation. In each of these plays, he does something to make them happen. (OK … it’s not really the rule, it’s an observation about how happy Chiefs fans are in Kansas City). Mahomes himself had some great scrambles and pocket navigation, but none of them could touch that list.
  • I wanted to add a super recipe for all the pancakes made by Kansas City attackers last season – but as great as they were, they didn’t make it into the top five.

5. Nick Allegrett landed

Mahomes passes 1 yard from Allegrett. Grounding.

So I know I said no pancakes would be added – but my god! This play is just amazing.

Against Pittsburgh Steelers, Allegrett will play in the Wild Card round as an extra blocker in the goal line package. His job is to go one-on-one against TJ Watts.

Allegretti walks into Watt’s space before throwing him aside and returning to Mahom as if he were a veteran. Returning over his body, Mahomes makes a great throw that hits the open Allegrett.

The celebration alone is worthy of a top example nomination. The whole team loses their mind – with a big man. Just extremely fun.

4. Byron Pringle shakes three defenders on the way to the end zone

Mahomes is 16 miles from the Pringle. Grounding.

In this game – starting with the game of the 16th week against Steelers – Pringle does all the work, choosing a simple ramp and turning it alone.

First, he runs a crisp route, shows Mahomez his numbers and secures the ball. Then, after the corner defender crosses his corner, he sits on his right leg and throws the defender aside. Pringle turns up, planting his left leg to shake the security guard who flies down to make equipment. Steelers’ third defensive player also falls on his back – and Pringle is clear in the final zone.

This is the kind of play that would make Dante Hall proud.

3. Darrell Williams finds a gun

Williams’ 38-yard feed from Mahome. Grounding.

I hope we never forget this play – which took place in week 10 against the Las Vegas Riders.

Mahomes moves in his pocket, trying to find free space. He runs towards Demarcus Robinson (who is far enough up for his first downhill), but he shoots the ball over his body to the pistol that Williams reached after turning up during the offensive exercise. Williams lifts the ball over Raiders Jonathan Abrams, tears it off and lands in the final zone.

The play itself is amazing. But we can’t forget what the game is meant. The Chiefs had difficulty attacking, coming in 5: 4. This was the first time a team led by Mahomes felt truly vulnerable. But Kansas City showed up in Las Vegas, wearing white and captain Mahomes. The team got their bet back – and that led them to January.

2. Tyreek Hill’s touchdown, 1:02 is left

Mahomes passes 64 yards from Hill. Grounding

This AFC Championship game against Buffalo Bills is considered the Chiefs’ all-time high. But it is possible to overlook how special this is.

Mountains aligned on the outside, protective backing on the inside. Hill’s speed is so high that he crosses the inner lever, giving Mahomes a window for the ball to reach him 20 air yards in just three seconds. Unreal.

Hill then kicks the defender and rises. He makes a subtle cut that destroys the corners of Bills’ chase. By the time Hill reaches the 40-yard line, he will have to pass four more Buffalo defenders – but he already has an open track in the final zone. When he reaches the 20-yard line, the peace sign is off. The chiefs are at the top again.

All of that part of catching and running 64 yards is possible thanks to Hill’s speed – along with his understanding that no angle is good enough to hit him.

1. Feeding Travis Kelce overtime

Mahomes passes 8 yards to the full short right of Kelce. Grounding.

This play was the hardest for me to choose. Kelce was just the whole season unbelievable.

This game was not even his only overtime landing. He also had one against the Los Angeles Chargers. Nor can we forget his incredible 46-yard score against Ravens, where he fixed a broken game by scrambling from one side of the court to the other – every Chiefs player made a block to take him to the end zone.

But this game to end the game against Bills is an all-time game. It will be shown at Kelce’s Hall of Fame entrance ceremony – with his landing in the Super Bowl and a three-touch play against Houston Texas in the playoffs.

After Kelce led the Chiefs in 13 seconds until the game was tied, he led the game, bringing the attack to the red zone during overtime. Kelce then moves up from the right to pull the man-man defense against the line defender. (Remember: no defender can cover Kelce – especially at the end of the game). Kelce follows a clever scheme: before she turns to the final zone, it seems like it’s just a way out.

Mahomes puts the ball on the back of Kelce’s back. The tight end makes adjustments to secure the hook and get both feet within limits. And the game is over.

There is no defense that could stop this beautifully played game. It was a world-class performance from one of the greatest games of all time.

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