Most experts agree: The New York Knicks will draw AJ Griffin’s 11th choice

We’ve thrown away so much ink so far, spent so much time now, and dreamed so much about this and this possible scenario … that there’s probably no point in doing it over and over again. There are only hours left until the final decision.

But we owe you as much content as we can produce and if you can digest it, so we pump the vein into your vein until it overdoses. Don’t blame me, it just goes that way.

With only 24 hours left for the Knicks to make a choice – hopefully the top 5 instead of one in the Ivey area – we decided to check the temperature of the ridicule recently written by scout experts in the most prominent places. there. It must be assumed that they are indeed behind something very serious and genuine and with hidden information that is simply inaccessible to the mortal, right?

Here are some of the men who do it online and see them drafting in Knicks’ 11th nest. All drafts viewed were published as of Monday, June 20 (except for Kevin O’Connors, which was updated on June 17).

Jonathan Wasserman (Bleacher Report) – AJ Griffin, SF

There is no big explanation for Big Wass here. Wasserman has all the souls the Knicks have been interested in during the drafting process, while New York makes its choice. Ivey (4), Mathurin (6), Sharpe (7), Dyson Daniels (8), Jeremy Sochan (9) and Johnny Davis (10) have all left.

The result? Griffin to the Knicks. Wasserman supports his decision to get Mathurin into the top 8, while Griffin will be out of the top 10 and Sochan, Duren and maybe even Dieng.

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John Hollinger (The Athletic) – Johnny Davis, SG

This look is more than what I would do, not insider information, but we also have it cool. Johnny H adds Davis’ name to Knicks in the 11th selection.

Hollinger would hate that the Knicks would spend too much on TyTy Washington’s PG, stamping him at best in his late teens or early ’20s. Hollinger’s narrative is basically how the Knicks should fall further down 11th, trading that choice against a future first or lower class choice (he cites the 22nd choice in Memphis).

Matt Babcock (Basketball News) – AJ Griffin, SF

Another expert, another Griffin choice. Hmmm … is there a pattern emerging here? That may be so, who knows !?

There are no real breakers here, except Detroit, who grabbed Bennedict Mathurin 5th, Keegan Murray dropped to 9th overall in Indiana and Duren. That leaves Knicks AJ Griffin or Jeremy Sochan or even Mark Williams! How exciting!

Griffin, however, is where Babcock highlights the attacker’s talents in throwing stones and throwing buckets – 44.7% in the college circle last year. I quote the most important part of the report: “It is also worth noting that Griffin is the son of former NBA player and current Toronto Raptor assistant coach Adrian Griffin.”

Jonathan Givony (ESPN) – AJ Griffin, SF

Oh, boy. Oh, boy, oh boy. That makes three out of four Griffins for Knicks! We’re doing something here, people. Jee!

The situation is very similar to that of Babcock above. Givony bases his selection on his false graft, which does not involve transactions, mostly as he says (and we agree) that “Few teams expect the Knicks to make a draft here when all is said and done. The team allegedly aggressively examines scenarios in which it shall be traded down or replaced at all if it is capable of being defended by a defender of the original caliber. “

However, if he had been forced to draft a newcomer, Griffin would have been chosen because “Griffin is arguably the best shooter in his class when he scored 45% of his three-point throw” and “His 7-foot wingspan gives him significant defensive potential. he plays in one of the most coveted positions in the modern NBA.

Sam Vecenie (The Athletic) – AJ Griffin, SF

It’s going to change seriously, so be prepared to be disappointed when the time for the druffs comes and the Knicks choose AJ in case you don’t like the baby.

I don’t like something that Vecenie didn’t like about Knicks’ choice and AJ Griffin. In fact, this is the first sentence of his passage. “Griffin is one of the most difficult players in this class due to his injury history.” Not a good start. “This – along with his uneven defensive play last season – gives him a slightly wider reach on the draft night than you expect.”

So … maybe New York should pass Griffin on? Well, at least our friend Sam ended his position positively, saying “[Griffin] is a wing that is such a potentially elite shooter. He hit 45 percent of 3 last season and has as much natural touch as any player in the class. ”Ah, the month went by. – AJ Griffin, SF

This connection between Knicks and Griffin, which I find in about 95% of the most honorable drafts, reminded me of an excellent quote from Bob Morales. La Bama:Not my first or last. ”

NBADR boys prefer AJ over Jeremy Sochan, Johnny Davis, Mark Williams and TyTy Washington, all of whom were available at Knicks time.

Justification? “Knicks would be a good fit for Griffin Jr., who has elite 3-point shooting and NBA readiness. The injury history may give teams a break, but he has great talent who can play a role right away.

Comp? Jimmy Butler and some Jumbo Gary Trent Jr. I could live with that in particular.

AAC Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals - UCF - Memphis

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Jeremy Woo (Sports Illustrated) – Jalen Duren, C

Surprise! Woo is the first expert to win Knicks 11th place. Woo draws attention to the obvious fact that Knicks is facing a difficult day negotiating deals to rise to the draft council because the things New York can hang in front of other franchises are not so great. taking all the circumstances into account.

Sorry, grab the center, let Mitchell Robinson go. Woo sees someone in Duren “physically quite talented and [who] has some attractiveness as a piece worthy of long-term development, especially as one of the youngest players in the draft. Our husband also writes that “[Duren]”a powerful jumper with a mature frame, the potential for good hands and feet, and untapped skills.” Not quite bad, assuming Mitch is as good as gone.

Zach Harper (The Athletic) – Jalen Duren, C

Durens with each other! Oh, yes!

Harper makes the opposite move, similar to his partner SI Jeremy Woo, and takes Duren to 11th place on MSG. It’s interesting to note how Harper identifies the three “greatest needs” that the Knicks will meet at some point during the intermission season: “Guard depth, a defensive big man, 3- and D-wings.”

Interestingly – and probably gives a pretty clear picture of how there are two or three viable opportunities in the guard positions in this class – Zach opens his word by saying that the Knicks “need to redesign their backyard” but he chooses to continue. center. Hmmm …

However, this is logical, as Harper emphasizes the fact that TyTy Washington Jr. The take – off should not take place here, but later in the draft order (trade down) and that Duren should be the target name, as “it would give New York a chance not to overpay to keep Mitchell Robinson.

Krysten Peek (Yahoo! Sports) – AJ Griffin, SF

The only realistic choices left on the table in Peek’s draft were AJ Griffin, Sochan, and (perhaps) the ever-rising Ousmane Dieng. So yes, Griffin’s election to the Knicks is, in my view, the most likely outcome of this scenario.

Peek supports his choice, saying “if Griffin can stay healthy, he could become the 11th thief. He has all the physical means to make an immediate impact in the NBA, but he has struggled to stay on the field all the time. Not the worst case scenario for AJ, but not really great, as it is basically said that the Knicks would bet on an extraordinary what-if player.

To keep the hopes of New York fans afloat, Peek notes that “NBA distances satisfy Griffin because he’s out of the box and he can add a lot of size to the Knicks’ wing.”

Kevin O’Connor (Heliseja) – Jalen Duren, C

Get to the point, KOC. “Mitchell Robinson is a free agent. Julius Randle has to go. Nerlens Noel can’t stay healthy. Adding another big seems like a realistic choice for Knicks. Oh, that’s what I’m talking about.

O’Connor paints Duren as a hybrid of DeAndre Jordan / Robert Williams, which is far from a mixture, if you ask me, adding that “Duren is able to pressurize the wheels with his elite athleticism, which can be useful to men like RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin.

In a summary of his profile, KOC sums it up, saying that Duren as Knicki would be an “explosive blocker and jumper who can play the role right away, plus the youngest player likely to get a draft.”

And there’s your Knicks Choice 11 report, made thanks to Posting & Toasting and other people who cover the 2022 draft before Thursday’s event.

Final number:

  1. AJ Griffin (six choices, 60%)
  2. Jalen Duren (three choices, 30%)
  3. Johnny Davis (one choice, 10%)

Welcome home, AJ!

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