Minnesota Timberwolves’ pre-draft rumor summary

Availability of D’Angelo Russell

The Minnesota Timberwolves will compete in the 2022 NBA with four drafts and D’Angelo Russell, who has been released from trade talks.

According to our good friend Dane Moore BlueWire podcastswe may be on the threshold of reaching a solution on the Russell front.

It is based on reporting KSTP-d Darren “Doogie” Wolfson, who announced Thursday afternoon that Timberwolves seems motivated to change Russell, said the head of the Eastern Conference.

Russell has the right to renew and has one year left in the contract to earn $ 31.4 million. If he is not renewed, he will join an unrestricted free institution next summer.

Is Nerlens Noel the name to watch?

In the same episode SKOR North’s Mackey and Judd, Wolfson said Minnesota may be with New York Knicks C Nerlens Noel, who has fans on the Wolves team.

Noel has a rim guard, a rim running 5 who is a capable defender and rebounder, which is Minnesota’s current list of two necessities. It is widely reported that the Knicks are trying to track down free agent PG Jalen Brunson, most recently from the Dallas Mavericks. Several have added that the Knicks could play for Kyrie Irving if he signs and replaces Brooklyn Nets. To free up space, New York wants to move Noel and his two-year, $ 18.5 million contract (second-year team choice).

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Could wolves revive the hunt for a larger name center?

Jake Fischer Bleacher’s report announced this week that Timberwolves, Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors are interested in Indiana Pacers C Myles Turner, who was first associated with Wolves during the 2022 trading period.

It comes after Shams Charania The Athletic announced on Monday the Minnesota interest in the Atlanta Hawks Clint Capela. His college, Jon Krawczynski, said there was little to do with the deal.

Kevin O’Connor Helina announced on Tuesday that Wolves is interested in Utah Jazz C Rudy Gobert, although it seems much less likely given that Gobert has a supermax contract and two supermax contracts with center-type players make little financial sense given how the Champions League teams are structured . late.

North Carolina vs Duke

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Is trading from No. 19 an option?

Mike Scotto HoopsHype announced on Tuesday that Wolves, along with Memphis Grizzlies (No. 22 Option) and Milwaukee Bucks (No. 24), have investigated Cleveland Cavaliers for Option 14. This is remarkable because the Hornets have 13th and 15th choices. Several publications have reported that Charlotte wants to pack one of her first-round options to cancel Gordon Hayward’s contract. They are looking for a center and have been a popular draft destination for Duke C Mark Williams. Jumping over Minnesota to Hornets 14 may be what’s needed to pick ACC’s Williams Player of the Year.

With just under two hours to go, it’s not known what might happen. However, it seems very likely that Wolves will make a move, as they have four choices (Nos. 19, 40, 48 and 50), no room to receive their players and they may try to assert their position. the guardian of the future, either through the draft or the day-to-day trading of the draft.

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