Lorenzo Cain withdraws his waiver

Brewers announced this afternoon that the winger Lorenzo Cain has waived the exemption and reached a vacant agency. It was a mere formality after the team assigned him to work over the weekend.

Cain now has the right to explore other options, but it remains to be seen if he intends to pursue his career. Immediately after DFA, Cain met with journalists and covered his career (Twitter link with video Adam McCalvy from MLB.com). The 36-year-old man was proud to have recently concealed ten years of MLB service and noted that “(own) body has done a lot over the years“And is”definitely ready to rest. ” He struck a similar tone in a conversation with the former royal family yesterday, beating reporter Jeffrey Flanagan, saying “it must be admitted that it is very nice to be at home’(Twitter link).

When Cain’s game days end, he retreats as one of the best field players of his generation. Once a 17-round qualifier, Cain surpassed his low-draw status to reach the main event with Brewers by 2010. Milwaukee took him to the royalism the following season, offering him Jake Odorizzi, Alcides Escobar and Jeremy Jeffress to land Zack Greinke.

The box office played a huge role in the history of MLB in 2010. Cain and Escobar became the main members of the pennant winners in 2014-2015, while Odorizzi was eventually taken to Ray. James Shields/Wade Davis exchange. Cain played in Kansas City from 2011 to 2017, joining the club as the club’s main midfielder by 2012. He hit 0.289 / 0.342 / 421, playing excellent defense and sliding 120 bases. He earned the first star of his career in 2015 and won third place in the AL MVP vote after posting 0.307 / .361 / .477 this year.

After running in royal blue, Cain hit a free agency for the first time. In January 2018, he gave Brewers a five-year $ 80 million return guarantee. It came a few days after the acquisition of the Milwaukee business. Christian Yelich, and a pair of tents helped kick off at least four consecutive playoffs. Yelich eventually became a more influential player, claiming the MVP award in his first season in Wisconsin, but Cain was a top player on his own in 2018.

This year, Cain hit .308 / .395 / .417 and stole 30 bases. He earned his second Star nod and won seventh place in the NL MVP vote. He did not post the line .260 / .325 / .372 until the second season of the deal, but won the long-awaited Gold Glove award for his work at the center. After being excluded from most of the 2020 campaign due to COVID issues, Cain returned to a more limited role last year. He played about too moderately in 78 games, but this season he got a fuss. The Milwaukee DFA came after Cain posted a series of .179 / .231 / .234 156 recordings.

Cain’s contract will remain in Milwaukee’s books for this year. The club owes him the remaining $ 18 million in salary last season. If he signed elsewhere, another club would pay only a proportionate share of the $ 700,000 overpayment for each time he spends in the Premier League.

Although Cain has repeatedly alluded to retirement in recent weeks, he has not made an official statement about his future. If he decides that he is interested in pursuing a career, his protection and respectful presence in the clubhouse would certainly at least give him opportunities in the sub-league. When Cain stops playing, he will give up his career as a 0.283 / .343 / .407 striker in 13 major league seasons. FanGraphs has rated his career about 30 wins higher than his substitute, while the Baseball Reference has rated him with about 38 wins. By the end of this season, Cain has earned just over $ 100 million between his arbitration salary and his contract with Milwaukee.

Image courtesy of USA Today Sports.

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