Chicago Bears list battle leaders before training camp

The Chicago Bears finished their early off-season training this month. Now the players leave for a summer break to rest their minds and bodies for the upcoming hard work. Matt Eberflus promises to run a lot. He will get these men to the top for a long season. The second part of his work is to find out what his initial line-up is at the opening game in September.

There are early signs of where some of these list battles are going. Eberflus promised to be the best players on the pitch. Their background doesn’t matter, whether they are beginners or 10-year veterans. Show that you deserve this job in practice and get it when the games start. Here is the latest update on who are the clubhouse managers and the training camp is approaching.

Chicago Bears warlords approaching camp

The right fight

This may be the most discussed situation on the list. Everyone assumed Borom and Jenkins would be free this year after the start of the agency and draft. The coaching staff then decided to steer Borom towards the right tackle in the OTAs, lowering Jenkins to attack the other team. Rookie Braxton Jones took the lead on the left. The alignment remained the same throughout the veteran mini-camps. Jenkins has to pick things up in August if he wants to get away from the bench.

The right guard

  • Leader: Sam Mustipher
  • Trackers: Zachary Thomas and Ja’Tyre Carter

No one could have predicted how things would shake. Mustipher has never played in any position other than the center in college or the NFL. He is neither the greatest, strongest nor most mobile for the attacking linemen. However, due to Dakota Dozier’s injury, he is almost the default favorite to start with better protection. This highlights how skinny Chicago Bears are. Thomas and Carter have potential, but they need to show more before the team feels comfortable giving them a real chance.

Nose arm

  • Leader: Angelo Blackson
  • Trackers: Khyiris Tonga and Mike Pennel

Justin Jones is an undisputed starter in three techniques. There is a different story with nose tools. It’s hard to know who the ultimate starter is right now. Blackson played well last season and has experience playing there. However, his grip on the workplace is far from certain. Tonga has a body suitable for the job, while Pennel may be a sleeper favorite who will eventually win it, given his years of experience. All he needs is to learn the new protection in time. Arriving before the training camp was good for him.

Strong side defender

  • Leader: Matthew Adams
  • Trackers: Joe Thomas, Caleb Johnson and Jack Sanborn

Roquan Smith, as the average defender and Nicholas Morrow as a defender on the weak side, seems to have been stoned. There is a different story with the strong side. Adams is currently the leader, less because of his overall ability and more because of his experience defending Eberflus. He has spent most of his career as an ace for backup and special teams. He would usually be the best candidate for someone else who would pass. The problem is that the other candidates are not exactly in danger. Thomas is a traveler. Johnson has little NFL experience and Sanborn is an undraft newcomer. Maybe someone will step up or maybe add the Chicago Bears to the mix late.

With nickel corner

Jaylon Johnson and Kyler Gordon look like starting corners. This makes the nickel angle a secondary main battlefield. Young arrived with the most experience in the group and had proven himself the most, thanks to his time in Baltimore. But in the end of the mini-camps, he ran with the defense of another team, while Graham was with the starters. This may be the biggest shocker of the battle so far. The former 6th round selection has really boosted their game and the coaches will take note. She needs to keep up the momentum as the pillows go.

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