Bulls: 3 players Chicago must avoid in the 2022 NBA draft

The Chicago Bulls had an interesting season last year. Apparently they put all their chips in the middle, adding DeMar DeRozan, Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso and more. They put together a large trio of Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic, who were expected to be among the top candidates in the team. Despite DeMar DeRozan’s great season, the Bulls fell behind and finished the Eastern Conference in sixth place. Their record of 46:36 did not live up to expectations and the Milwaukee Bucks dropped out of the playoffs.

Chicago has an important break ahead. Inventing Zach LaVine’s long-term plan is essential for the organization. While this key factor remains to be determined, their focus needs to shift to the NBA draft. The Bulls have only one choice in the future draft, as they choose with the 18th choice. While there are definitely plenty of good choices on the board, there are three players the Bulls need to avoid.

3 players that the Bulls must avoid in the 2022 NBA draft

Kennedy Chandler – Guard of Tennessee

Kennedy Chandler, a 19-year-old Tennesse guard, has an elite but disturbing cadre. Standing at a height of 6 ′ and with a game built around attacking the basket, there are red flags surrounding the prospect. He takes up enough space in the first step of his elite attack and uses his 6’5-inch wingspan to help him score goals around larger defenders. Chandler is at his best when attacking the basket, but hit only 60.6% of the free throw this season.

In total, Chandler scored an average of 13.9 points, 4.7 assists, 3.2 rebounds and 2.2 innings this season. Although he may still be outnumbered at the NBA level, Chandler has an impressive instinct to defend. His quick hands and good reading allow him to access the overtaking lanes and make up for his lack of size. He is a patient player who reads offensively correctly and plays the role of attacker.

Given his size and ability to handle the ball, Chandler’s natural fit is like a defender. Although it would be difficult for Chicago, Kennedy Chandler showed some flashes of off-ball capability. If they fall in love with Chandler’s talents, it could potentially work, but there are cleaner prospects on the table.

Nikola Jovic – Point striker Serbia

One of the biggest question marks in the draft, Nikola Jovic, is an interesting prospect. It stands 6’10 “versatile game. Jovic is a capable perimeter shooter with intriguing bait potential. He fits in perfectly with the transition and has developed a general sense of the game. The Serb has a clever handle and is in the best way with the ball.

The biggest question mark is on the defensive side of the ball. It has an impressive size, but it doesn’t move very well sideways. It is also unclear what is the best position for Jovic at the NBA level. Near the 18th option, several wing options can be selected. While Nikola Jovic could eventually become a solid NBA player, it would be better to choose a wing with a greater defensive influence in Chicago.

TyTy Washington – Kentucky Guard

The subject of the NBA draft has been the Kentucky guard, who falls into the late first round and plays over his draft. While TyTy Washington is certainly a candidate in this case, the suitability alongside Lonzo Ball and DeMar DeRozan is a concern. In his only season at the Wildcats, Washington scored an average of 12.5 points, 3.9 assists, 3.5 rebounds and 1.3 innings. He also hit 45.1% from the field and 35% after the three-point arc. Washington also etched his name in the Kentucky record book, giving 17 assists in a meeting with Georgia.

It will be interesting to see where TyTy Washington fits into the NBA level. He’s a little annoyed between the two guard positions. Although the injury to the ankle limited his explosion to some extent, there seems to be no explosion in his game. Washington has an impressive intermission and the best floater in the draft. However, he lacks the jumper’s lifting capacity and is struggling to shoot it down against the bigger defenders. Washington seems to be a good target as a long-term combined guard. However, his role may be to better manage the bench unit rather than to connect with starters. TyTy Washington would be a good addition to the Bulls. However, there are several win-now wings on the board that they pass on with a selection.

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