Boykin addresses Ravens / Steelers rivalry ‘I don’t like to play against Ya’l’ – Steelers Depot

You know how the saying goes. “If you can’t be them, join them.”

Released on Wednesday Varsity House podcast with host Shaun CrawfordSteelers teammates Minkah Fitzpatrick, Chase Claypool and Miles Boykin joined Crawford to talk about a wide range of topics, from what it feels like to be Mike Tomlin’s head coach to what it feels like to play at Heinz Field with terrible towels. iconic song Renegade in the fourth quarter of intense games sounded from the speakers.

As for WR Miles Boykin, whose Steelers gave up giving up this offseason when Ravens gave him walking papers in April, he’s always been in the opposite shirt, not black and gold. Boykin mentioned joining the Steelers that he initially thought the team would select him as early as 2019, but when he became Raven, he quickly learned to hate the Steelers as their record. Nevertheless, Boykin was able to experience the feeling of diving in opposition to Steelers’ culture, as he noted as a visiting team when Heinz Field came, quickly learning the impact fans could have on the game. Renegade is cracked.

Steelers loves the atmosphere at Heinz Field: “There aren’t too many moments in sports like this”

Shortly after Crawford asked what role Boykin had in influencing the Steelers to 2022, Chase Claypool, a former Notre Dame teammate and current Steelers teammate, intervened when Boykin initially said he needed to make a statement on special teams. draw up a list.

“I’ll try to be by your side and try to get one of them,” Claypool jumped in when Boykin said he had to run down to hit.

When Chase mentioned running off with Boykin in the kick-off, Boykin was reminded of the year 2020, when they faced a battle of special teams.

“I remember I had a Chase block,” Boykin replied. “Was this your first game? You’re playing in Baltimore. I’m saying the first game you played against Baltimore. Was it in Baltimore?”

“Yes. I think it was, yes, it was,” Claypool confirmed.

“So, Chase runs down and I’m trying to block him,” Boykin said as the story began. “But they hit, they did that nonsense. The Steelers hit the ball across the court. So, I have to chase him all the way across the field. So, I get there and line up. Chase goes straight behind me, just pushes me back. Didn’t even reach close to the blow.

Tough love from former Notre Dame teammates, huh?

Although Claypool may have been in the NFL with the Steelers in his opening season, he knew better than letting earlier ties prevent the Steelers and Ravens from competing. Pushing Boykin from behind could have been in vain, but Boykin immediately found out that he was not going to get sympathy from one of his friends while wearing another team’s shirt.

“It was always funny, man. I like to compete with you. I like to compete against you,” Boykin continues, acknowledging both Claypool and Fitzpatrick as his former rivals. “Because you’re a pagan player, man. Just like they both command themselves on the field. Like there are definitely players you respect. I don’t like to play against you, but you definitely respect a lot of players and the way they play the game.

Boykin may still see Minkah Fitzpatrick in training against himself at the training camp this fall, or meet Claypool for units on the opposing special team if the team is in Latrobes. However, Boykin has met with both men in the past and used it to develop respect for both and their way of playing. Fortunately for Boykin, he no longer has to play against them, but can now share the same side line with them and wear the same uniforms as them, supporting the entire Steelers Nation.

Hopefully, Miles Boykin will be able to earn the respect of his new teammates by playing on the pitch this fall, earning a place on the list and playing to the right of the fierce division rivalry.

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