According to the PFF, the Cowboys broke the 2020 draft

One of the most pointless things to do is try to score or value an NFL draft class right away. We really don’t know how well these players will train until we can see them in a few seasons. The PFF looked back at the 2020 draft in the form of a first-round redraft, trying to place players where their actual performance was justified.

In their opinion, the Dallas Cowboys made one of the best drafts. It was definitely the best in the NFC East and it wasn’t even close.

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This is partly because Dallas got CeeDee Lamb at the age of 17. Most of us saw it as an absolute theft at the time, because it wasn’t expected that he would ever be at the table when the Cowboys made their choice. PFF clearly agrees and considered him the best choice for Arizona Cardinals eight. Not only was it nine points higher than he actually did, he was the second broad-based PFF in the alternative reality of Justin Jefferson. LB Isaiah Simmons was the real choice. Here is the rationale for the article.

The broad receiver was not an obvious need to enter the Arizona 2020 draft. The Cardinals had just added DeAndre Hopkins to the host corps, which also included Christian Kirk, Larry Fitzgerald and Andy Isabella of the 2019 second round. In retrospect, it would have been wise to target a receiver like Lamb rather than Simmons (49.7 PFF in 2021).

Lamb improved its PFF rating from 72.6 to 84.8 in 2021 (the eighth qualifying broadcaster) in 2021, and a huge 2022 season in Dallas can be expected after Amari Cooper leaves. He would give his former college quarterback Kyler Murray another high-quality reception opportunity to mate with Hopkins.

This may reassure some who are worried that Lamb will pick up a WR1 torch for Cowboys. It makes sense in some other way. The third season of ship receivers is often a big year. This is simply a difficult position that is difficult for them to adapt to the level of talent they face in the second tier, but also for the NFL attack, which has much more complex route trees and is more dependent on tasks than they saw in college. If Lamb is typical in this way, it could indeed be a great weapon for Dak Prescott. I’m sorry, Kyler.

Although Lamb’s choice at the age of 17 was commendable, Dallas’ biggest win, at least according to the PFF, shows who took them there during the exercise: CB Trevon Diggs.

Dallas’ first-round selection (Lamb) is not available in this exercise, so the Cowboys will “accept” their second-round selection in the 2020 NFL draft.

Diggs was one of the most polarized players in the NFL last season as he made and promised to cover big games. His 11 innings were three times longer than any other defender, but Diggs also promised the highest 1,016 assists a season. The value he can offer as a defensive referee who returns the ball to Cowboys’ attack keeps him in this new draft in Dallas.

The Cowboys claimed they had Diggs’ first-round rating all the time and would have been the choice if Lamb hadn’t fallen for them. At least PFF didn’t think it was a leap. Diggs is recognized as the first-round legitimate talent in the 51st general selection.

According to these criteria, Dallas left with the first two rounds of talent. Both are considered real thefts in retrospect. Many teams did much worse with their choices, including other NFC East clubs. The PFF saw Washington Commanders draw over DE Chase Young, albeit by just three places. More importantly, they passed on Justin Herbert, who would have solved their quarterback problems much more effectively than they would have done with Carson Wentz this year. The Philadelphia Eagles may have hinted at WR Jalen Reagor, who took on better choices like Jefferson, Chase Claypool, Tee Higgins and others who have performed better during their NFL careers so far. The New York Giants didn’t make a terrible choice with Andrew Thomas, but Tristan Wirfs was available and it would have been a better choice.

But before the cowboys praised too much, they were much less successful in the rest of the draft. With Neville Gallimore in the third round and Tyler Biadasz in the fourth round, Reggie Robinson II, Bradlee Anae and Ben DiNucci were in the rest of Dallas. Robinson and Anae are long gone, and DiNucci is, to be honest, puzzled by the QB opportunity. However, getting the first two rounds of talent and a few more beginners is a good result for each draft and provides evidence that employees know what they are doing in the draft. That’s how PFF values ​​things at least. Release the tilt of your attachment.

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