5 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys before the 2022 training camp

We have officially entered the silence of the Dallas Cowboys season. Until the training camp begins in Oxnard, California on July 25, we have little new to discuss regarding The American team. Hopefully this downtime will remain that way. If there is news, it is likely that it will be negative.

Since we are at a standstill, we thought we would try Cowboys’ bold predictions before this year’s training camp begins. While some of them are considered to be mild in nature in terms of bold predictions, others may be on the verge of oddity.

Trysten Hill finally proves that his suspects are wrong

Unfortunately, the immaturity problems led to the Trysten Hill dog kennel with the Cowboys training staff as a newcomer, and the injury that ended the season, which remained in the 3rd year of the second year, further hampered his development. Now full and waiting for a full break, Dallas’ former second-round selection in 2019 has no excuse for not playing at a high level starting its contract year.

As his immaturity and health problems are hopefully now behind him, No. 72 is an opportunity to do so in the end to prove that his suspects are wrong, and that is what we are predicting. That’s right, Hill has a holiday season in 2022. All the qualities (size, strength, agility) that made him the second round choice should be fully highlighted in training camps and pre-season games.

Tony Pollard shines in a versatile RB / WR role

Tony Pollard may or may not be the next Deebo Samuel, but it would be wise for the Dallas Cowboys in the end Use him in 2022 as a similar type of runner / wide receiver. Already during mini-camp and OTA training, he has been more often noticed in the nest as a WR, which indicates that he is more aggressively connected. But how much and how often remains to be seen.

After running a total of 1,056 yards as a runner and receiver last season, the expected increase in the number of touches is expected to drive 20-year production by leaps and bounds in 2022. Don’t be surprised to see him perform as one of the best game leaders. Cowboys take part in training camps and pre-season games. We all know what he’s capable of, so it may not be a bold prediction for him to play a diverse role in RB / WR.

Challenges of Sam Williams joining RDE

As Randy Gregory has left and is taking his talents to the Denver Broncos through a free agency, the right-wing defense against DeMarcus Lawrence in 2022 will be. Dorance Armstrong probably has an inner path to earn a start, given her experience and experience. knowledge of the system, but we can’t rule out other players like Dante Fowler, Tarell Basham, Chauncey Golston or Sam Williams.

Whoever becomes a favorite in the RDE is the position fight to watch in the training camp. While past experience favors some of the other DEs who are likely to be ahead of him in the depth chart, Sam Williams ‘speed and athleticism are sure to grab the coaches’ attention. He is likely to be used as a passport specialist as a beginner, but don’t rule out the possibility that he will be expelled from the training camp.

Tyler Smith is proving to be an innovation for LG

One of the biggest puzzles heading to the Dallas Cowboys training camp is how Tyler Smith, this year’s first-round draftsman, will replace Connor Williams in the left. After Smith had played strictly left-wing defense at the University of Tulsa, he is now being asked to hit LG to help hopefully strengthen the Cowboys line of attack in 2022. How he plays as a newcomer can have a huge impact on a team’s success or failure. this season.

According to reports from the mini-camp and OTA, No. 73 has already impressed the coaches and his teammates with their play and behavior. His strength and athleticism have been cited as reasons why he should have a successful newcomer campaign, but until the pillows come on and the exercises start to get more physical, it remains to be seen if this is true or not. When that happens, we predict it’s an LG upgrade.

Leighton Vander Esch looks like his former Pro Bowl myself

In 2018, during Leighton Vander Esch’s newcomer season, he looked like the next superstar defender. He collected a total of 140 hits (102 solos), seven assists and two halves in 16 games with 11 starts. This production brought him the first and so far only Pro Bowl nomination. Since then, injuries and other problems have prevented him from producing such numbers.

Despite a break of almost four years, things are going well so that LVE will be able to return to its former Pro Bowl in Dallas Cowboys in 2022 after signing an annual contract. Not only did his game improve last season under the guidance of Dan Quinn, but he is also relying on this season due to LB’s current lack of depth. In addition, playing next to a superstar like Micah Parsons should raise the level of his game.

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