In May, Javon Kinlaw insulted Grant Cohn, a reporter for Sports Illustrated, after taking part in his video podcast. The same disappointed teammates stood up to defend Kinlaw’s actions. Things escalated so far that San Francisco 49ers chief manager John Lynch had to sit down with his player and media member to resolve the situation.

Kinlaw’s teammate George Kittle joined Dealing with boys podcast this week and was asked about the advanced drama between Kinlaw and the reporter.

“It simply came to our notice then [Cohn] had photographed Javon, a guy who grew up homeless, “Kittle shared.” He grew up and had to use cold water in the shower. He had to take a shower in the shower, not his house. Things like that. i.

“He got hurt. He had a knee disease and he hasn’t been able to play at the level he wants to play. He’s a fantastic player. And he’s been in the IR all last season and [Cohn] would chirp at him and just s — t on him. There’s nothing he can do during the season, and he’ll be like, “Oh hey, another week if Javon Kinlaw doesn’t play,” or something like that.

Kinlaw played only four games last season, his second in the NFL, before he had to undergo end-of-season knee surgery.

“And it’s just that now, the baby is out,” Kittle continued. “If you want [say], “George Kittle, you threw the ball down and you lost the game,” of course, dude. Give me the whole world for it. But don’t go to a man where he can’t do anything about it. She tries to get well every day, so leave her alone.

“Kinlaw saw him at the first OTA open workout. He confronted him a little and it went out on social media somehow. You never want to do something like that because it’s always going to turn around. You can look like a not great person. But Kinlaw is awesome. He is an incredible teammate, he is incredibly nice.

“He’s just dealing with things differently than I am. But hey, it’s the NFL. The boys come from different sources of livelihood and they deal with it differently and that’s it. And I think in the end, [the situation] got somehow gone and we’re fine, but that’s the way it is. This guy wants to hit players who can’t participate, and that’s what he wants to make his money with. That’s your cup of tea. ”