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The NBA is back! Did you miss it? The 2022 NBA draft is on Thursday at 8pm ET, a week after the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. The victory gave the Warriors their fourth championship title in the last eight seasons, removing any doubt as to whether they deserve to be called a dynasty.

How was this dynasty built? Of course the NBA draft. Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson joined the Warriors through the draft.

Every other team will have the opportunity to build their own dynasty tonight. Who does Orlando Magic choose to lead their franchise to?

We look forward to hearing from you. Keep this real-time watcher in one place for all things related to the 2022 NBA Draft. Below we provide real-time analysis and comments on the event.

Want to know how a player fits into their new list or who appeared in the draft with the best attire? We have protected you.

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Will Houston trade Paolo Banchero?

The Vegas line shifted drastically earlier this week, waiting for Paolo Banchero to rise to first place. In the absence of a clear general choice, there is much speculation about what Orlando Magic will do when the clock arrives later on Thursday.

Jabari Smith is still the most sensible 1st place for Magic, and if the Houston Rockets worry that the Oklahoma City Thunder will take Banchero 2nd, they will have to make a raise.

The Rockets don’t show their cards, but Banchero praised his training in Houston during media coverage and said he fits well with Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr.

It could all be the last-minute smoke from Orlando that entices Houston into a deal and makes the deal sweet when they fall to 3rd place. – Krysten Peek

Jabari Smith: “I’m surprised if I’m not put first”

NEW YORK – The first choice in the 2022 NBA draft belongs to Orlando Magic. And it’s no secret who they’re going to pick up on Thursday night.

“I’ll be surprised if I’m not ranked first,” Jabari Smith Jr., Auburn’s unanimous choice, told Yahoo Sports. “It’s just my competitive nature, mixed with my selflessness and ability to just hit the ball, defend multiple positions and take care of winning. I don’t care about statistics. I feel like I can help every team right away. But I feel like I’m the number 1 choice. – Chris Haynes

Auburn coach Bruce Pearl is confident Jabari Smith will reach 1st and “make Orlando win”

NEW YORK – this day is finally here. If they remain in the selection, all indications are that Magic will choose Auburn Jabari Smith’s general selection No. 1.

Smith, a 6-foot striker, played one season at Auburn and head coach Bruce Pearl knows exactly which player Magic will get when he takes the first choice.

“What makes him No. 1? He’s the best jumper I’ve ever seen in college in over 20 years,” Pearl told Yahoo Sports. “He’s about as ready as one and done when I’ve never seen him and he’ll make Orlando win.” – Krysten Peek

Tari Eason, who could be in this class at Scottie Barnes, sees “definitely comparisons of our games”

NEW YORK – Tari Eason was making a decision last year that would change the trajectory of her career. After a disappointing fresh season in Cincinnati, where he scored just 7.3 points and took 5.9 rebounds in 18 minutes, Eason decided to enter the transition portal and finally landed at LSU.

At the time, Will Wade had sent only three players to the NBA draft (most notably Cam Thomas ranked 27th in Brooklyn Net in 2021), but Eason liked the freedom of the attack and the idea of ​​playing at a new conference.

“There was a learning curve and it was a new team, a new season, a new league and I just adapted to everything,” Eason told Yahoo Sports. “Through it, I just got more comfortable in the game and then things just started to pop up.” – Krysten Peek

Jalen Williams has received a lottery vote

The six-foot-long junior from Santa Clara rose after a strong performance in the NBA draft and secured his first-round selection. After training with a handful of teams, Williams’ stock continues to rise in the draft and it is too late to hear Williams sneak into the lottery, from 8th (New Orleans Pelicans) to 19th (Minnesota Timberwolves). ).

“This process has simply been a blessing,” Williams told Yahoo Sports. “I’m from a smaller school, but basketball is basketball and I feel like I can compete at the highest level and I’m just ready to get to work with whatever team chooses me.” – Krysten Peek

Predicted No. 1 choice for Jabari Smith relaxed 24 hours before the draft

Yahoo Sports caught up with Smith at the host hotel, and Smith was visibly calm and relaxed after the 24-hour drive.

“I feel great and I’m ready for tomorrow,” Smith told Yahoo Sports. “I may not be sleeping tonight, but it’s just because I’m excited for tomorrow.” – Krysten Peek

Report: The Pistons exchange Jerami Grant for the first round selection with Trail Blazers

The Detroit Pistons exchanged 28-year-old winger Jerami Grant for the Portland Trail Blazers’ Milwaukee Bucks 2025 draw for the top four. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Portland and Detroit are said to be exchanging options 36 and 46 in the second round of Thursday’s NBA draft. Blazers returns Pistons’ 2025 second round selection to Detroit. In 2026, Portland also gave the Pistons a better choice than their second-round selection and the New Orleans Pelicans.

Last season, Grant scored an average of 19.2 points (43/36/84), 4.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game in 31.9 minutes for the Pistons last season. He was an integral role player for Denver Nuggets at the time of reaching the final of the 2020 Eastern Conference before looking for more directors with a free agency. The Pistons awarded him a three-year, $ 60 million contract and increased usage in 2020, and he became an All Star candidate. In his first round, Detroit won 43 games in the last two seasons.

Grant is another wing of the many choices Blazers has tried to match around six-time star defender Damian Lillard, and may be the best of them, including Norman Powell, Robert Covington and Gary Trent Jr. , Trevor Ariza, Rodney Hood, Mo Harkless and Al-Farouq Aminu et al.
– Ben Rohrbach

Las Vegas turns the corner against Paolo Banchero to rise to first place

In the last 24 hours, the Banchero odds on BetMGM’s overall No. 1 have shifted from + 900 to + 200 (Chet Holmgren is now +225). It’s a swing to believe that Orlando Magic is considering Banchero’s No. 1 election (many say it’s a two-way race between Jabari Smith and Chet Holmgren).

Banchero is the most physically prepared of the top three players with a weight of 6 feet 10 and 250 pounds. When Holmgren and Banchero faced each other last November, Banchero seemed to be a better player, scoring 21 points in 30 minutes, taking five rebounds and giving two assists. There was a scout or leader of each NBA team in the building, watching Banchero stand out as the main ball handler and defending with Holmgren.

This fluctuation in Vegas may indicate that Bancher
o did an excellent training in Orlando, where Holmgren played boldly and did not say who he was training for or how that training went.

When is the 2022 NBA Draft?

The NBA draft is on Thursday, June 23rd.

What is the start time for the 2022 NBA draft?

The NBA draft begins at 8 p.m. ET.

On which TV channel will the 2022 NBA draft take place?

The first round of the NBA draft will be televised via ABC and ESPN. The second round is on ESPN.

Where is the 2022 NBA draft?

The NBA draft is held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where the Brooklyn Nets play too. The barclays center has been hosting the draft for the ninth year in a row.

Who has the first choice for the 2022 NBA draft?

Orlando Magic keeps the NBA in the NBA draft after winning the overall No. 1 draw in May. The Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings will be ranked in the top four.

What is the order of choices in the 2022 NBA draft?

The current order is:

The first round

1. Orlando

2. Oklahoma City

3. Houston

4. Sacramento

5. Detroit

6. Indiana

7. Portland

8. New Orleans (Los Angeles Lakersist)

9. San Antonio

10. Washington

11. New York

12. Oklahoma City (Los Angeles Clippers)

13. Charlotte

14. Cleveland

15. Charlotte (New Orleans)

16. Atlanta

17. Houston (Brooklyn)

18. Chicago

19. Minnesota

20. San Antonio (Toronto)

21. Denver

22. Memphis (Utah)

23. Philadelphia

24. Milwaukee

25. San Antonio (Bostonist)

26. Dallas

27. Miami

28. Golden State

29. Memphis

30. Denver (Oklahoma City via Phoenix)

Second round

31. Indiana (from Houston via Cleveland)

32. Orlando

33. Toronto (from Detroid via San Antonio, Washington and Chicago)

34. Oklahoma City

35. Orlando (Indiana via Milwaukee)

36. Portland

37. Sacramento

38. San Antonio (from Los Angeles Lakers via Chicago and Washington)

39. Cleveland (via San Antonio, Utah)

40. Minnesota (from Washington via Cleveland)

41. New Orleans

42. New York

43. LA Clippers

44. Atlanta

45. Charlotte

46. ​​Detroit (Brooklyn)

47. Memphis (from Cleveland via New Orleans and Atlanta)

48. Minnesota

49. Cleveland (from Sacramento via Chicago, Memphis and Detroit)

50. Minnesota (Denver via Philadelphia)

51. Golden State (Toronto through Philadelphia)

52. New Orleans (Utah)

53. Boston

– Milwaukee (confiscated)

– Miami (Philadelphia via Denver; Miami lost)

54. Washington (Dallasest)

55. Golden State

56. Cleveland (via Miami to Indiana)

57. Portland (via Memphis, Utah)

58. Indiana (Phoenixist)

What are the best potential players in the 2022 NBA draft?

This is the alphabetical list of current NBA draft Barclays Center Green Room invitees.

Ochai Agbaji, F, Kansas

Paolo Banchero, F, Duke

Malaki Branham, USA, Ohio

Dyson Daniels, G, G League Ignite

Johnny Davis, G, Wisconsin

Ousmane Dieng, F, NZ Breakers

Jalen Duren, C, Memphis

AJ Griffin, F, Duke

Chet Holmgren, C, Gonzaga

Jaden Ivey, G, Purdue

Bennedict Mathurin, G, Arizona

Keegan Murray, F, Iowa

Shaedon Sharpe, G, Kentucky

Jabari Smith Jr., F, Auburn

Jeremy Sochan, F, Baylor

Mark Williams, C, Duke

How does the NBA draft work?

An NBA Draft Lottery was held in May to determine the order of the 14 best choices in this year’s draft. Orlando Magic earned the right to choose general selection No. 1. If the table tennis balls determine the top four rankings, places No. 5-30 will be determined by the end of the regular season.

How many rounds are in the NBA draft?

There are two rounds in the NBA draft and both will be held on June 23rd.

How many choices are in the NBA draft?

In 2022, the NBA will have 58 selections instead of the usual 60 (30 in each round). The Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks both lost the second round due to a league violation.

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