2022 NBA Draft: For and Against Jaden Ivey, Keegan Murray and Bennedict Mathurin

Finally, it’s 2020 NBA Draft Day, and now it’s time to stop watching the men compete in Pistons 5.th choose the three men most involved with Detroid: Bennedict Mathurin, Jaden Ivey and Keegan Murray.

Instead of going deep, as I did with the other men in the series, I am referring to all the fantastic articles that our great staff have written about each player, as they all did an incredible job of analyzing each player’s game. The main emphasis here is on three parts: 1) what is the degree of drafting of the player in question ?; 2) What are the positive attributes that a player brings to Pistons ?; and finally, 3) What are the red flags that could discourage Troy Weaver from making that player a piston in Detroit.

Let’s begin!

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Jaden Ivey


Positive features: reaches the free throw line, can cross many defenders, brings energy with these jacks

Red flags: shooting got worse as the year progressed, there is no midfield game, he needs the ball to be the most effective

PEAK Victor Oladipo has been attacking Jaden Ivey for the rest of the season. If you don’t know what it looks like, check out Dipo’s games and statistics from Indiana Pacers. He is a great athlete who constantly reaches the free throw line, works as a secondary referee and is armed with a solid three-point throw to keep the defenses fair. Connect him to Cade Cunningham’s top-level defender, who can handle basic gaming tasks and more space for him, and Ivey would be a great addition to Cade.

Unfortunately, Oladipo comp is not suitable for defenses where Ivey is confused. As Scott said very well in his article about Ivey, he is clearly and obviously athletic enough to be good in defense, despite his current shortcomings if his attack is good enough to earn him a starting role. Ivey is not very aware of the ball, he is not involved in male-to-male defense and I always feel less like an athlete in the defense than in an attack. But I’m referring to Scott’s words here, because he’s fantastic on the attack, the defense may not be as big as Ivey’s average.

I don’t just want to bag Ivey here, but my honest opinion is that he is one of the three candidates I care about the most about on this Pistons team. For starters, his jump is not as good as advertised. In the first 18 games of last season, Ivey hit 42.4% of the three. In his last 18 games, however, he hit 29.8% of the three. Even if you expand this range of games to include ONLY 2022 games, Ivey’s three-point percentage is 30.8%. I’ve also heard the argument that Ivey was underused in the Purdue and should be given more chances in the NBA when the ball is in his hand, but he posted a 28.7% utilization rate, which shows he had a lot of the ball in his hand.

These two things about his attack and his defenses are why I’m very worried about Ivey as Cade’s future backfield partner. If Ivey needs the ball more and he can’t distribute the floor consistently, I’m Jaden Ivey for the Detroit Pistons. I don’t want anyone who demands that the team take more of Cade’s ball for development, while he has almost no additional skills, to prevent Cade’s defense. Ivey must BOTHER be able to shoot enough of the 3 to keep the defenders away from Cade, AND be the offensive defender to take on the opponents’ defenders.

Now, I’m NOT saying JADEN IVEY CAN’T DO IT, just for the sake of clarity. I’m talking about the three men who are most involved with the Pistons here. He is the one whose research profile is most damaging to MotorCade if they do not improve. Going back to Oladipo’s comp, it’s the perfect batsman to pair with Cade, if Ivey’s defense is even half that of Oladipo’s, but if the red flags don’t improve, we’re talking about a Dion Waiter-type player (I mean only the ability to be completely clear and not all other Waiters-related baggage).

As we’ve all said since we arrived in Detroit, In Troy We Trust, so I think if Ivey gets into a Detroit hat on a draft night, protection and shooting is something Mr. Weaver knows, Coach Casey and his staff know how to iron. out.

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Round 1 - Buffalo - Richmond - Iowa

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Keegan Murray

The Pitch: Marcus Morris or Tobias Harris AT LEAST

Positive features: excellent shooter, gets buckets in different situations, cares about protection

Red Flags: The worst athlete of the three men listed here shows some defensive restrictions, a limited ball handler and a game manager

As Brady put it so eloquently in his article, Murray is a professional scorer. He brings you buckets from almost anywhere. Just look at his stroke table and you’ll get a great idea of ​​how awesome Murray really is.

2021-2022 University of Iowa chart for Forward Keegan Murray courtesy of CBB Analytics

Again, as Brady Murray said about defense, he is not the best, but far from the worst. NBA force striker Murray shows good off-ball skills and the ability to defend against the 4s and some 5s man-man. Personally, I would keep him away from watching men like LeBron and PG because they see him being a step or two slower in watching his movie. It is clear that he also wants to be a good defender with his level of effort and desire to reach everyone and everyone when they line up against him.

Although I think Murray will be a good pro, I’ve heard both Marcus Morris and Tobias Harris as his composers, and I’ve never really shaken them every time I look at Murray, because they’re both incredibly easy to see in Murray’s game. Both boys are confident and have had a long successful career, but at the age of fiveth choose, I personally want to get a bigger boost. Murray’s rise is overshadowed by his average ball handling ability and limited looks. Posting a 10.1% effective pass makes teams develop Murray without a ball, and for me, ball handling is the MOST DIFFICULT ability to predict improvement, because I can’t even name one man for you. Murray’s limited ball handling and feeding became a primary or secondary option in the Union.

That doesn’t mean Murray has NO positives. After all, Tobias has been for the Clipper and 76er teams to make the playoffs. Murray also made an incredibly low 5.7% turnover rate, despite having so many balls. And when the team finally picked out Keegan Murray, he falls into the category of “You can’t go crazy” for me because he’s just a confident basketball player whose complete fall is almost impossible to imagine.

TCU vs Arizona

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Bennedict Mathurin

Pitch: Most likely the perfect backfield companion for Cade

Positive attributes: horizontal and vertical distance, uneven defender, legitimate playing style

Red flags: ball handling may limit him to a role player, off-ball defense lags far behind his man-man skills, Court Vision may stagnate

I’m finishing Bennedict with Mathurin because I think he’s combining the strengths of Ivey and Murray, almost erasing their red flags and why he’s been associated with the Pistons, the closer we got to the draft night. When Jack started his article, Mathurin had a lot of translation skills as a beginner. Mathurin, who had thrown 38.3% of the three-point throw during his two-year career at the University of Arizona, did so with 47.1% of the three-point throw. This is a good indicator of his overall game, as it shows the balance of not only being a three-point specialist, but also not posting good percentages based on a low number of attempts. He also made great strides this season as a game leader, reaching 94 instead of 30 assists last year. He is also a good vertical athlete who can drop a hammer at any time and over everyone.

Defensively, Mathurin is a great man-man defender who still has a lot of work to do with the ball. As a point-of-attack defender, Mathurin gets in your face and uses his six-foot-long six-inch frame and six-foot-nine-inch wingspan to disturb your opponents’ defenders and wings. His sportiness continues to stand out here, and he remains connected and fights through the screen to disrupt the opposition. Outside of the ball, however, he monitors the ball too much and processes what happens too often slowly. The coaching staff must work on this immediately so that Mathurin understands the positioning, his role and the more defensive concepts of the team in general.

Mathurin’s ball handling and game control are also solid, but not someone who currently calls himself a reliable secondary scorer. The handle may be a smaller problem as it does not have a low turnover of 10.4% and you will not see it stagnant when it attacks a triblamist. He also led Arizona in the free throw with 178, and I think it shows that the handle is better than people think, because as a guard, you just can’t get as many lines when you’re a non-ball player. Mathurin’s play is more of a problem as it is currently average and can just stay where he is. The goal-scoring rate of 13.8% was low for the guard, and Mathurin’s main role in this Arizona team was as a floor handler and dunker – a trend that could continue in the NBA if the team is passionate about these two skills.

If Mathurin did just three shots and dunks, it’s still a great NBA player, but if game control never comes, we’re talking about the difference between someone’s Terrence Rossi and Zach LaVine. For the sake of clarity, I’m not saying these are my assessments of Mathurin, but I’m simply emphasizing that if he can’t develop his passion, it doesn’t matter if he’s a specialist like Ross or consistent. starter like LaVine. Both guys participate in dunking competitions like Mathurin, but the big difference between their career trajectories is their ability to develop other than hitting and dunking in threes.

My ACTUAL comp for Mathurin is Athletic Desmond Bane. Mathurin organized similar activities in Memphis with Grizzlies Bane. Bane was unable to be a secondary creator due to perceived limitations in ball handling and appearance, but will continue to develop both to give Memphis a great opportunity, and Morant at another guard. And Mathurin’s added bonus is that it has an explosiveness and verticality that benefits both ends of the square.

Cade is able to feed Mathurin to get threes and hit the ball, while Mathurin can ride on the defensive teeth to draw contact or extra attention to the shot and hit Cade back. Mathurin can also start with a defense, focusing only on being the primary point of attack in the defense, who receives opponents’ defenders so that Cade doesn’t have to chase them at night and at night. Indeed, as was said in the latest Pistons Pulse Podcast, Mathurin seems to be the bridge that connects the opponents of Pistons Draft Twitter, as these perfect skill combinations are sprinkled in positively enough to become the next installment to help get MotorCade. works at peak performance.

Thank you, as always, for reading all of our content here and another fantastic draft of SZN! Let us know who you want Pistons 5 to take with youth select from here for comments. Here’s Grim Weaver and I’m sure his favorite season is like mine. #InTroyWeTrust

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