Summary of Rumors: The Lakers are said to be interested in Malcolm Brogdon

To get rid of Russell Westbrook’s expiring contract, the Lakers must exhaust almost every opportunity. After a large number of play-offs have claimed that they are seriously considering maintaining it, it seems that the agency wants to earn money to make the move in the near future.

Among the franchises the Lakers are said to have called are the Indiana Pacers. The deal is still based on something that focuses on Russ, Malcolm Brogdon and Buddy Hield so that finances can work. Zach Lowe on Tuesday The Lowe PostJonathan Givony paused to talk about the draft and shared this tip at the end of the section on Lakers:

“They’re active. You hear some call Indiana and say, ‘How do you feel about Westbrook and Talen Horton-Tucker and our first round player in 2026?’ And they just get a nice smile and ‘No thanks.’ see. ‘”

It should be noted that the tone used by Givony was rather hypothetical and did not sound as if it had been announced that the Lakers were offering that particular transaction. First, the transaction does not work in terms of payroll, and second, Lakers is not technically able to trade its 2026 option, although Eric Pincus Bleacher’s report offered some clarification on this:

However, Givony reports that the Lakers have discussed deals with Brogdon. It would be difficult to end, but the logic behind the Russ-Brogdon deal is similar to the discussions with the Hornets over Westbrook for Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier. Players have a present value, but the total amount of their long-term contracts outweighs the benefits to their field, especially for their current teams.

The situation with Brogdon is a little different, as he is a 50/40/90 caliber player, even though he has usually only had about 50 games each season. Therefore, Pacers may be looking for a better deal than a direct pay cut, which at the moment would be something to exchange for Russi’s expiration.

In the same episode, Lowe also reported on Anthony Davis:

“Let ‘s make a few more things clear: I’m clearly told that Anthony Davis is not being traded, so let’ s just put it aside. Not to mention Kyriest.

Not that it is absolutely necessary to delete it. But AD is still Laker.

Russ-Kyrie’s storyline

The big news on Monday was that the Lakers were interested in Kyrie Irving, who is still stuck with Nets. There are certainly several teams interested in Irving, but Nets’ interest in what these teams have to offer is a different story.

When it comes to what the Lakers can offer, there is simply no interest. Unlike other Russi transactions, Nets does not receive financial flexibility when trading on behalf of Russi. Besides, Russ-Kevin Durant’s team is probably played out to a logical end, and it was about a decade ago when both had far fewer physical limitations.

As Jake Fischer pointed out on Tuesday. Bleacher’s report:

Words of Irving’s interest in the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks have moved among the staff since the NBA draft in mid-May, but few team leaders have given much faith to the conversation.

If Irving chose Season 22-23 in hopes of being traded to Los Angeles, Brooklyn would have little incentive to negotiate with the Lakers, who would have difficulty returning the value to the Nets.

The only way Irving will send Russi to Los Angeles in return is through three teams. For example, a team like Charlotte or Indiana could intervene to accept the financial flexibility that Russi’s contract would give them after that season, while Brooklyn might prefer Westbrook or Kyriele Hayward, Rozier, Brogdon or Hield.

But it’s a step down from the deal that few believe Marc Stein pointed out in his Spotify Greenroom session with Kevin O’Connor. Helina on Monday.

“My very hot position is that the Nets won’t take Russell Westbrook back for Kyrie Irving … One on one, the Nets won’t sign a Kyrie contract with the Lakers. It’s really hard for me to see that.”

O’Connor discussed how an exchange with the three teams would be possible, but as Stein pointed out, a direct exchange for Westbrook with Irving now seems impossible.

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