Red Sox 5, Tigers 4: The late return wasn’t quite enough

Despite the fact that the temperature around the Great Lakes is quite hot today, the Tigers continued their series in Boston on a relatively cool Atlantic coast night. However, the pleasant temperatures were not enough to beat the Detroiters to victory, as they lost the three-game series 5: 4 in the second game.

So far, I can’t get over the Tigers driving Beau Brieske in the 27th lap. Who was behind him in that draft – me, the spirit of my uncle Garry and Eddie Gaedel ?! Anyway, Brieske overturned the 1-5 record he achieved tonight in his 3.79 ERA. Should you have reason to worry about his statistical line, this would allow his home runs (2.0 / 9 IP). The dashes aren’t quite there yet (6.1 / 9 IP), but many young throwers take some time to develop this particular skill, and the right has developed a slightly better slider along the way. His previous outing was his best so far, sensational seven shutout rounds against the Rangers, which was unfortunately useless because the Tigers lost the game 3: 1 (but at least he didn’t get a decision).

Rich Hill made his debut in the Premier League on June 15, 2005; he wasn’t even young when he was 25. For comparison, Brieske was on that date … hmm … wear 2 … take cosine … seven years old. (Miguel Cabrera doubles from Hill that day.) This is Hill’s third round with Red Stockings, and he made it to the seventh round a few times this year, but was certainly more likely after five rounds. is that so. Today, Hill stocks a wide range of curves from different angles for 90 mph on its quick-release ball; “cunning left-handed,” as it once was.

The Red Sox wore their ridiculous City Connect uniforms, which appear to be about the colors of UCLA Bruins sports teams. Wrong coast, boys!

Javier Báez smashed a triangle in the middle of the triangle and immediately cashed in on Miguel Cabrera, who dug a low corner ball and served it in the middle to take the lead early.

Brieske got into a bit of a trouble with the pair of seeing eyes when he was the first to put the runners in the corners without any of them falling out. JD Martinez hits the center of the sacrificial fly, scores Jarren Duran and equalizes it with one. Brieske then fought brutally with Bogaerts, knocking him down, and now I’m out of all the b-words he just knocked out after a long attack. The rebound went to Jeimer Candelario who failed to hit the target. Fortunately, he had a shorter second round and escaped with just a dozen throws.

Báez scored another ball from July to the right, where he had previously hit his threesome, and it crossed the fence and led Tiger 2: 1 in the third game.

At the end of the break, Riley Greene showed us why we’ve all been so excited to see him between the tall buildings.

Trevor Story then drove to the fourth slider, which didn’t slip enough, parked three races at home over Green Monster and led Boston 4: 2. In an earlier game change, Báez couldn’t handle a very complicated pop-up (which I think Robbie Grossman should have logged in, not let Báez go back); if he had made that harvest, it would probably have been a different exchange. Ahjaa.

Grossman and Cabrera put the runners in first and second place as Hill made their way to Detroit for the third time. Eric Haase scored one shot to the left, hitting Grossman’s goal and reducing the gap to 4: 3. Brieske, meanwhile, had a tight 1-2-3-fifth; With 93 squares at that point, I assumed the young man was finished.

However, Hill was made after five when Ryan Brasier took over. Similarly, Jason Foley replaced Brieske after five shifts; Brieske had 5 innings, 6 hits, 4 races (all earned), no walks, four innings, one home run.

Báez continued to hit the ball hard in the seventh substitution, but like the third shot, he had nothing to show for it. Story made a soaring catch to hit the hard-hit regular in the middle.

Christian Vázquez welcomed Andrew Chafin to the left with a home run on the first pitch at the end of the seventh shift, pushing Boston’s lead back to a pair. This would ultimately prove to be a huge insurance. It was the first run home allowed by Chafin this season.

Tigers was in first and second place with runners who finished eighth against Tyler Danish in the Cabrera hit and Greene’s singles, placing the top spot in the draw. But then Spencer Torkelson made a mistake on the first pitch and Candelario flew in the middle on the second pitch. ta I saw and it was all.

Matt Strahm came out against 8-9-1 and Jonathan Schoop said he was driving deep into the middle over Monster to make a 5: 4 game. In one drop, Grossman was hit by hose three completely, Square # 4, as shown below.

Grossman sent home plate judge Dan Bellino, who had had a pretty big hit all night, but not SEE great, i know he didn’t agree with him.

It was the last knockout that Strahm threw when an old sidekick (and Boston’s new assistant) John Schreiber tried to retire Báez. He squeezed for the single between the world’s first protagonist and the line-up, taking a draw to the first base with two kicks, and Cabrera, who had hit three hits that night, came to the plate. Unfortunately, the night ball ended the affair and the tigers’ night.

I can’t help but wonder how it would have failed if Grossman’s third so-called strike had been properly summoned. As John Greenleaf Whitter pondered, “For all the sad words and feathers, the saddest ones are, ‘It could have been.'”

Injury Rehabilitation Update

Statistics and observations

  • Rich Hill also made his double debut: Mike Lowell and Paul Lo Duca. Greg Maddux also started this game for Cubs. Decent.
  • Spencer Torkelson faced 18 walks and sacrifices from June 16 to June 20, and had two consecutive hit games on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I know it’s a small sample, but a man can dream and dreams are free.
  • Dan Dickerson pointed out that Beau Brieske has now played at Yankee Stadium, Dodger Stadium and Fenway Park during his young career.
  • Have you seen this Oneil Cruz Pittsburgh boy? Holy mackerel. Check it out.
  • BYB’s own Peter Kwasniak drove along the Toledo sidewalks today like Kyle Funkhouser. Mr Kwasniak now officially apologizes for all the jokes made at the expense of Funkhouser those years ago. Get well soon, Peter!
  • Happy summer solstice to everyone! Today is the day in the Northern Hemisphere when we get the most hours of sunlight. On the Arctic Circle, the Sun doesn’t seem to sink below the horizon tonight, and as you move north, there will be more and more 24-hour days of daylight until you reach the North Pole. (We are not, I repeat not in summer closer to the sun. This year, our closest approach to the Sun was on January 4, a point in orbit called periheel.) It’s been your moment of astronomical astronomy.

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