Lopsy College World Series results dampen college baseball momentum

State rivals Texas and Texas A&M are not much in agreement. But even their respective coaches could not dispute the momentum that their sport currently has in Nebis Omaha during the College World Series.

Texas captain David Pierce called it the “golden age” of college baseball. Aggies’ Jim Schlossnagle reiterated that position a few minutes later on Sunday after A&M eliminated Longhorns. Between better investment in sports in much of the country and a shortened MLB draft, things have never been better for college diamonds.

It’s undeniable, but college baseball has missed a great opportunity to make yourself even more entertained in your early days in Omaha. In the 10 games held from Friday to Tuesday, the combined score of the winners and losers is a staggering 93:27, with an average score of 9.3 to 2.7. The most frequent result has been four races, which happened a few times. The worst scores were Auburn over Stanford and Auburn 17: 2 and 11: 1, respectively, and Texas A&M smashed Texas 10: 2.

Everyone in Charles Schwab Field in Omaha is holding that the afternoon clashes Wednesday afternoon (Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M and Arkansas vs. Ole Miss) will start with more convincing results.

There is nothing else going on in sports in the United States at this time of year. The Premier League season is far from reaching the point where individual games count and there will be no World Cup this summer. The NBA Finals are over. Major League Baseball has great background noise. For college athletes, recruiting football in June is often the most influential activity.

The eight-game game doesn’t force viewers browsing the channels to stay and watch the usually great product that is the afternoon of college baseball. Apart from the fans of the teams still playing in CWS, not enough has happened to attract new fans.

There are no deviations. In situations with high leverage, the jugs are not signed. There is no play pressure in the late shift. This marks the unfortunate end of the NCAA tournament, which produced all-electric baseball during the regional and super-regional events.

Do you remember LSU’s return from the seven races in the eighth shift against Kennesaw State in the regional games? Or Notre Dame’s big excitement at the end of the Tennessee Super 3 game? Arkansas and Oklahoma Regional Game? Omaha hasn’t answered that yet. That’s a shame, as the city is doing a tremendous job of hosting CWS and welcoming a large number of fans from Arkansas, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and others.

To their credit, these traveling supporters arrived early at Charles Schwab Field, stayed there until the end of the games, and continued the party until late at the Omaha opening weekend. Even though Ole Miss scored 13: 5 in Arkansas on Monday night, Razorbacks fans generally remained in the game and even called for a ninth-to-end Hogs 10 race.

CWS still has time to race through the semifinals and finals with a fantastic end to the tournament. Ole Miss and Oklahoma have been playing so well lately that they are the ones to create a very memorable final series.

It’s not quite the fault of college baseball that the post-season product in Omaha weakened, but it had a chance to generate thousands of new fans over the past week. This is not the case with any game with margins closer than four times, nor with games that have traditionally lasted about four hours and with numerous reviews.

We hope everything goes into a great championship. Fans, players and coaches deserve it.

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