Fredette, brother Thompson. will play in the TBT in 2022

Former national player of the year Jimmer Fredette and potential NBA draft 10 Ausar and Amen Thompson will be selected for the 2022 basketball court.

The 64-team TBT class, released on Wednesday, has a record 71 NBA-experienced players and 29 college alumni teams.

For the first time in the history of the event, TBT will be playing outside, as one of its districts will be hosted in New York’s historic Rucker Park. The other seven regional cities include Omaha, Nebraska; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Wichita, Kansas; Syracuse, New York; Charleston, West Virginia; Cincinnati; and Dayton, Ohio.

“This year’s field is electrifying,” said Jon Mugar, TBT’s founder and CEO. “Nine years ago, we decided to be home to high stakes, basketball open to all, which pits people from all walks of life against each other. This year’s field shows how far we’ve come. It’s extremely diverse and talented. I can’t wait to see which team wins six consecutive games. “

Teams compete for the $ 1 million championship prize.

Fredette, a former BYU guard who led the country in 2011 by scoring and consensus-winning Best Player of the Year before being ranked 10th overall in the NBA draft, heads The Money Team.

“I’m going out, playing again and having fun,” Fredette told ESPN. “My brother [general manager TJ Fredette] is part of team building. It should be a lot of fun to get back on the field and play competitive basketball. “

After playing for Shanghai Sharks in China in 2021, Fredette decided to stay home this winter and spring as she and his wife greeted their third child. He will join the team that reached the quarterfinals last season, which includes Trevor Booker, Jeremy Evans, Charles Jenkins and Jordon Crawford.

“I feel pretty good,” Fredette said. “I trained all the time. I always train, I keep working on my game. I’m happy to play in front of some fans, playing with some boys I really like.”

Fredette played in the TBT in 2018, leading the tournament in scoring, including 41 points, to help Team Fredette move forward.

“It’s always great,” he said. “Right now it’s just about trying to win. Just to do my best to make it. Last time I was lucky to have a really great tournament, to be the best goal scorer. It’s cool, but it’s survival and progress. It’s trying to win these games and move on. Go to that million. “

Fredette’s The Money Team is the 1st seed team in the Dayton area. Other 1-seeds include YGC (Rucker Park), Gutter Cats (Omaha), Heartfire (New Mexico), Florida TNT (Xavier), Boeheim Army (Syracuse), AfterShocks (Wichita State), and Best Virginia (West Virginia).

TBT started in 2014 when the Notre Dame Fighting Alumni won their first championship title. The Overseas Elite won the next four titles before their series ended in 2019 under the Carmen’s Crew of Ohio State Alumni. In 2020, Market-centric Golden Eagles alumni won, with the Boeheim Army focusing on Syracuse last season.

Boeheim’s army will defend its title this summer, adding first-time TBT players Tyler Ennis, Rakeem Christmas and Marek Dolezaj – all Syracuse alumni – to a group that already includes five-time TBT champion DJ Kennedy and four-time champion DeAndre Kane. .

As ESPN announced earlier this month, the 2023 lottery voters Amen and Ausar Thompson will lead Team Overtime, a team formed by sports media company Overtime. Thompson’s twins matched last season’s Overtime Elite, as did Jazian Gortman, another predicted draftsman who will play for TBT for Team Overtime. This marks the first time potential NBA drafts have been involved in TBT, although the team also includes several pro-veterans, including former San Diego star Malcolm Thomas. Overtime ranks 6th in the Omaha region.

Sideline Cancer, 2nd place in the Xavier region, is looking for the third consecutive quarter-finals. They bring back scorer Marcus Keene, but also add former South Dakota star Mike Daum and longtime NBA veteran CJ Miles.

Other NBA-experienced players who should play in this year’s TBT include Zhaire Smith (Air Raiders), Omari Spellman (Eberlein Drive), Antonio Blakeney (Florida TNT), Semaj Christon (Zip ‘Em Up), Justin Patton (Omaha Blue Crew), Jacob Pullen (Purple & Black), Costa Scou (Red Scare), Xavier Munford (The Money Team), Jacob Evans (Nasty Nati), Markel Brown (Stillwater Stars) and others.

The championship will earn $ 1 million in a televised winner-winner title game on ESPN. This summer’s championship game will be held in Dayton on August 2.

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