Eagles News: Jalen Hurts Creates List of Players “Guaranteed” to Rise in 2022

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Which NFL players will reach level 22 in the year? CeeDee Lamb, Pat Surtain, Jalen Hurts Raise My GUARANTEED Elevations – NFL.com
3) Jalen hurts. I believe. I love hand, smart, sporty. And now I love the talent around him, as AJ Brown joined DeVonta Smith to make 1-2 strokes with a wide receiver. Brown’s catch-and-run ability and Smith’s pristine running alleviate the problems associated with Hurt’s inaccuracy. And now that the quarterback has a full year of experience as a NFL starter – and also the continuity of coaching with Chief Nick Siriann and offensive coordinator Shane Steichen a second year ago – I think his clutch game will go to heaven. Hurts is the winner and naturally born leader. This fall, I see him lead the Eagles to the NFC East title. And it’s better to believe that this team will have a hard trip in January.

Fantasy Football 2022: One Burning Issue for All NFL Teams Approaching Season 32 – The Athletic
Despite the uneven 2021, Jalen Hurts graduated in 2021 in his first full season as a fantasy player defender. If AJ Brown joined second-year player Devonta Smith in the host corps, how realistic is the QB of the top five fantasies. campaign for Hurts? If Hurts was attacking the top 10 players last season as an inconsistent pitcher with too many guns, it’s reasonable to assume that Hurts will make a big jump this season – and maybe rise to the top five as a fantasy quarterback. The chances of a pass should be much better as Brown, Smith enters Year 2 and Dallas Goedert is set to excel. Hurts believes that for the first time since high school, the same scheme and caller playing will benefit him. The Eagles are expected to feed more balls this season and also run more games than in 2021. Hurts stays productive while running, so improved passing and offensive effectiveness helps his overall stats. He also missed two games last season and was prevented from injuring his ankle in December. If he can stay healthy in 2022, his numbers should improve as well. The plateaus of the top five are hard to reach, but Hurtts’ ability to run will help him run.

NFC East Mixtape Vol.62: The most overrated players in the division – BGN Radio
Last week, RJ Ochoa and Brandon Lee Gowton discussed the most underrated players in the NFC East, and this week they will be back to select the most overrated players in the division.

Bottom-Up: Newly Retired Former Eagles Star (and NJ Native) Has Big Business Plans and Truth – NJ.com
To the bottom! Former Philadelphia Eagles security guard Malcolm Jenkins joins the alcohol industry. The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that Jenkins is “working with the Millstone Spirits Group, the parent company of New Liberty Distillery, to bring to market a new whiskey sourced exclusively from ingredients produced by black and brown farmers.”

Dick Vermail’s burnout became an unusual hall of fame – ESPN
At several points in Dick Vermeil’s 30-year NFL head coaching career, it would have been impossible to predict that Dick Vermeil would make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Vermeil received his first NFL head coach at the Philadelphia Eagles in 1976, shortly after UCLA led to the Rose Bowl victory over Ohio. When Vermeil arrived, the Eagles had been without a victory record for nine consecutive seasons. But at Vermeil, they were in the playoffs in the third year and in the Super Bowl in the fifth year. It had to pay. The eagles had won with a trainer who performed long and physically demanding exercises, almost always on pillows. Vermeil kept his hand on the Eagles’ offensive, defensive and special team game plans and worked long hours to keep up. “He annoyed us all, the assistant coaches, because he was able to sleep four hours a night,” said Carl Peterson, who coached the UCLA and Eagles team in Vermail and later hired Vermail as general manager. “The rest of us needed more. We all had pull-out beds in the offices with the Eagles. We had to. Meetings started early and lasted late.

The House of Commons Monitoring Committee is calling on Dan Snyder to testify next week – Hogs Haven
Carolyn Maroney, chairman, announced her plans to invite Dan Snyder to testify next week. This was the logical next step, as Snyder continues to avoid questioning the committee directly and Washington and the NFL refuse to publish Beth Wilkinson’s report.

There are still 3 free agent receivers available that could make sense for Cowboys – The Boys
When we get to the offseason later, the options for being added to the list will diminish, but Will Fuller has been very helpful to Cowboys since the start of the season. Fuller is a speed threat who is still only 28 years old and can really raise his defenses if possible. Fuller has had his share of injuries, and staying on the field is always a concern for him, but if the break is so late, the money would be wise, and we know the Cowboys will watch it first. Secondly, the risk would be minimal, bring it to compete. If there is talent, if it is healthy and able to impress, it is a small price to pay for a position. If Fuller were to move, it could be assumed to be one way or another between him and James Washington, and it could be a real claim that Fuller is a better and more complete player. However, as Gallup rehab is still unknown, it may allow both to be available early.

The Super Bowl won’t be won without a defender … – Big Blue View
Seven out of ten make up more of their team’s cap than any previous Super Bowl winner. Maybe one of them will set a precedent this year and win, despite the smaller amount of money for the rest of the team. Time will tell. Each percentage that goes to QB is $ 2 million +, which is not available for any other position. The Chiefs drafted Skyy Moore and signed JuJu Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. The Packers chose Christian Watson and switched to Randall Cobb. The Titans drafted Treylon Burks and exchanged for Robert Woods. Do these moves make up for the loss of Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams and AJ Brown? Maybe it’s a new strategy to create a Super Bowl team: Jettison’s elite-wide recipients will have to sign a big second contract and replace them with cheaper ones to recoup the money paid to QB. But if it works, this is the first time.

NFL Daily Kickoff, Wednesday – Rob Gronkowski Retires for Second Time – SB Nation NFL Show
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced their retirement at TE Instagram on Tuesday. The question remains whether this retirement is his last pension.

Yes, you should test Covid before you go to the rally – Vox
Sorry to disappoint, but Covid-19 is still a current and ongoing threat. The United States is in the midst of a month-long rise in confirmed cases – no signs of re-enacting drivers’ mask mandates, and two new, potentially more contagious omicron sub-variants are raising their ugly heads – just as the summer party season is in full swing. Among tried and true mitigation measures, such as masking and ventilation, testing is still important, regardless of vaccination status, especially if you plan to accumulate in any way. (Although the risk of infection is much lower at outdoor events, testing is important whether your party is indoors or out.) “Testing is really important,” says Abraar Karan, an infectious disease doctor and Stanford University researcher. “The problem is that as time goes on and people are tired, they may not think it’s important.” Fatigue testing can occur during large events, such as concerts, says Karan, mainly because you are unlikely to see other participants anymore. It is very unlikely that you will ever know if other concert attendees will get sick.

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