A threat of 2 HRs, 8 RBI is not enough vs Royals

ANAHEIM, California – Shohei Ohtani hit two three-run home teams, including a dramatic draw at the end of the ninth round. He ran the top eight races of his career, the highest in the history of a league born in Japan.

And for some reason it wasn’t enough for his Los Angeles Angels to win the Kansas City Royalties.

Whit Merrifield led the 11th round with an RBI double, and the royal teams defeated Ohtan’s historic show and won at 12:11 on Tuesday night.

Ohtani crushed the 423-foot home team in the sixth and evened out the 438-foot strike in the ninth, giving him the biggest RBI game of his five-year career. The American League MVP, then born in Japan in the 11th shift, then set a record for one game in RBI.

Although he never complains publicly, Ohtan would be perfectly justified in the gentle performance of his Los Angeles teammates behind his latest heroic deeds. But the Kings knew they had won with significant hits, including both Carlos Santana and newcomer Bobby Witt Jr.

“It’s one of the most fun games I’ve ever played,” said Witt, who held his first multiplayer game in the fourth race of his career. “Just from top to bottom, there was a lot of energy. It was a bang. … Every time Ohtani or [Mike]The trout come to the plate, you hold your breath there. It’s nice to watch them play and hopefully they won’t do as much harm as they do against us (tonight).

Ohtani’s eighth RBI was not enough, as Merrifield and Kyle Isbel both ran in from Jose Quijada (0-2) earlier in 11th.

Daniel Mengden defeated Trout at a two-angel base before Ohtan’s departure and retired Jared Walsh from a pop-up. Mengden earned his first-season and second-career defeat as Kansas City held the fifth win of six games, despite a five-time and ninth three-time success in the sixth game.

“Only energy and fighting, that’s how we just got hit,” said Kansas City manager Mike Matheny. “We’d take one and they kept coming back. I like to see that … You see a game like this and it’s starting to happen again.”

Santana hit four hits and raced five times this season for the Royals, beating Angels’ team despite losing Salvador Perez in the third shift due to a thumb injury. Kansas City led 6: 1 in the middle of the sixth game before Angels’ star hits finally hit.

Along with Ohtan’s top accomplishments, Walsh made two, three and two home races for Angels. She was just 11 days behind her second cycle.

“It stings,” said Phil Nevin, Angels’ interim manager. “It hurts in this room. You feel like it’s a few times in your grasp and you worked hard to get back in. We just never got a real lead, but we did a lot of great performances. We hit the bats perfectly in some of the tight spots.”

Ohtani cut Angels’ loss to 6: 4 as he drove to the right of his 14th home team. Royathan starter Jonathan Heasley threw the ball into sixth with four hits before Ohtan chased him.

Kansas City then led 10: 7, reaching 10: 7 after Santana’s late RBI singles and Witti’s two-home home game, but Tyler Wade did one and Trout walked before Ohtani undoubtedly drove them home.

Dylan Coleman (2-1) defeated two Angel runners up in 10th place.

Santana began her monster with an RBI double and two-run home game before adding RBI singles in the sixth and eighth. Witt made a home game in the first round, added an RBI double from the wall in the seventh and got two runs in the ninth.


Walsh received three extra shots in the middle of the game in four rounds, but failed to hit two extra shots. He ended the first cycle of his career against Metsa on June 11.


The two Japanese had previously raced in seven races in one Premier League game. Tadahito Iguchi did it for the White Sox in 2006, and Hideki Matsui matched it to the Yankees in 2009.


Nevin was kicked out during the seventh round of the throw-in after having a loud argument with the referees. Nevin was angry after a controversial response from Halos mitigator Andrew Wantz at the start of the game.


Royal Games: Perez injured his thumb while swinging, but missed the game and stopped hitting. The fisherman said he has an MRI scan of his left thumb on Wednesday and is not surprised if he misses a few days. “I hope it’s not crazy,” Perez said. “I just have to wait.”


Ohtani (5-4, 3.28 ERA) hopes to win three consecutive wins over Kansas City team Daniel Lynch (3-6, 5.19) in the final of the series. Ohtan’s only previous start against Kansas City was in the 2018 AL newcomer season.

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