Yankees 4, Rays 2: Hicks Saves Days After Cole’s No-Bid Goes Crazy

The charm of baseball is that it can make your heart beat every night, even if your favorite team has one of the best years you’ve ever seen. The Yankees won their 5022th game on Monday night already on Monday night. It’s incredibly rare to see a team with 50 wins when it was Father’s Day yesterday, and that team has been powerful enough to make most of the W a breeze.

Monday night, however, did not offer random dominance and nail chewing and hyperventilation. Most of the drama came from Gerrit Cole, who did without a hit for the second time this month, while the Yankees were only able to hit a few races against Shane McClanahan and Ray’s ox garden. Cole then lost to Isaac Paredes’ eighth single, and ace reliquary Clay Holmes staggered off his first run after the opening day when Tampa Bay tied 2: 2.

Aaron Hicks demanded the drama of the ninth round to give the Yankees a leadership that they didn’t give up. And even with an insurance race, Wandy made Peralta interesting after taking over Holmes, as Rays raced twice. Drilling on the left to hit and volleyball for Hicks, securing a 4: 2 victory and allowing thousands of Yankees fans to breathe a sigh of relief.

Cole flirted perfectly with Tigers on June 3 and saw that his bid broke down in the seventh game with two outs. He wasn’t perfect this time, but his elusive attempt lasted even longer. Cole’s command was electric because he masterfully determined his fast ball:

Apparently, Cole could place his squares wherever he wanted tonight, with the exception of the fifth shift. The walks to Brett Phillips and Josh Lowe brought the runner a score with two shots and Cole blew away with Rene Pinto K to finish the shot.

After losing that brief control, Cole made an absolute mess, hitting 12 to 7 balls. Although he has only had 56 starts in the Yankees (about less than two full seasons), he is the fifth of all time in the history of franchise in the doubles games with 16. He next shares it with Al Downing in fourth, just a few steps behind CC Sabathia.

The Yankees were tasked with facing McClanahan for the second time in a week, trying early to repeat a strategy aimed at turning their scarce hits into account. On June 15, Aaron Judge hit the Yankees 1-0. This time, Anthony Rizzo, who broke his 19th long ball 2-2 410 feet to the right with his 19th long ball, awarded:

The 2021 season wasn’t even bad for Rizzo, but it took him until September 9 to reach the back door. In this remarkable year, however, he is ranked 19th on June 20th. Most fans had modest expectations for the triple All-Star, who haven’t played at that level in a few years, but he has shattered them.

McClanahan recovered quickly and continued to retire the next 11 Yankees. In the fifth game, they threatened again when they got one single from Josh Donaldson and Hicks, and the right hand had trouble walking to load the bases of Jose Trevino. But the 9th striker was next and although Marwin Gonzalez played at home yesterday, McClanahan didn’t waste time with him as he finished third in the first-game double-sharp, finishing the shift.

Seventh was out of the game for McClanahan Rays, but the Yankees were on the verge of missing another golden opportunity. Gleyber Torres greeted Ryan Thompson with a double to the right and finished third without a throw. Donaldson and Hicks helped create that goal in the fifth game, but this time they were narrow when they hit in a row to keep Torres in third place.

Then the Yankees called Trevino to use the magic that has made the first half with his surprising All Star caliber so special:

Did it take Ji-Man Choi to throw Vidal Bruján to create this race? Of course, but it is no shock to Lindsey Adler above and everyone else who has watched the Yankees in 2022 that Trevino is the one who does it with his hustle and bustle. The mistake was 2-0, the Yankees.

As it all happened, Cole had regained control of its potentially unpredictable bid. After that long fifth, he was on 86 yards, but he did a quick rush on the sixth and seventh to give him a chance to finish. However, Tampa’s second key player, Paredes, did not cooperate since starting his eighth game at Cole 105. on behalf of a clean single in the middle of the square. The no-no-test was over, and after a scary 415-foot flight from Josh Lowe to the center, Cole was missing. But what an effort it was:

As Aaron Boone seemed to want to stay away from Michael King for the second day in a row after using 35 squares on Saturday, he reluctantly called five exits from Holmes. The closest had been made at least five times in 2022 on the previous three trips, so most Yankees fans weren’t intimidated by the question. Of course, he hadn’t allowed himself to score after the opening day (31.1 consecutive shifts, the longest in franchise history), but since April 26, he hadn’t even allowed an inherited runner to score.

Unfortunately, the Rays team is not easily discouraged, and for the first time in a year, Holmes blew the lead. The real damage was done by Francisco Mejía’s rocket duel in the field on the right, a little past Rizzo’s dive. Holmes had little contact with the next two bats, but sometimes that’s all. Yandy Díaz’s soft landing on Holmes’ first base side made one run and Manuel Margot slipped to third place in the 64.1-mile hour, reaching 2: 2. The double was on Holmes, but it was followed by breaks that are hard to avoid in a long series of goals without a goal.

Fortunately, these Yankees have shown a tendency to shake off rare mistakes, and they did so right at the top of the ninth with pretty good Rays’ own reliever, Jason Adam. The better bet hit 0.68 ERA and 0.638 WHIP on Monday. He rarely promises base runners, but the Yankees were able to hit him in two of his three games in 2022, where Adam was on a mound. Donaldson hit the left and Hicks hit the ball decisively with the RBI trio to the right. :

Margot suffered an ugly-looking knee injury during the game and fell, helping Hicks rise to third and Donaldson score. However, Hicks deserves full credit for hitting the ball 356 feet above the wall. For the second time in three games, he reached a key hit.

After Trevino fell victim to a highly regarded insurance contract, Wandy Peralta set out to terminate it. Wanting a setback after a unusually bad run in the final of the series against Toronto, the left-handed fan still made the fans sweat – although it wasn’t entirely his fault. He gave Bruján a way out, and after Harold Ramírez flew to Joey Gallo for a basket catch, he got a double ball from Paredes. The third player, DJ LeMahieu, chose a bad time for the first mistake of his season and threw it away.

Peralta now had to face Low as a potential race, initially leveled. He recovered from a 2-0 defeat to a newcomer to knock him out to paint in the outer corner, and although Mejía had been able to conquer Holmes, he could not do the same with Peralta. A pop-up for Hicks in the left field ended the chaotic ball game.

Exhale and enjoy the 4: 2 win, everyone. The Yankees and Rays will reunite at Tropicana Field tomorrow night at the same time as Nestor Cortes appears to be faced with Rays captain Kevin Cash’s bull game plan. The first square is at 19:10 ET.

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