Timberwolves should do everything in their power to get Duke’s Mark Williams NBA draft

If the Wolves really want Karl-Anthony Towns to spend more time with the force attacker on coach Chris Finch’s attack, that means they need a center.

And I have one for them.

He is Duke’s former great man, ACC Defender of the Year Mark Williams. It would fit nicely into the Wolves lineup. And yes, that would mean those who have hated Mike Krzyzewski’s teams (unless Tyus or Tre Jones were there) should get used to another Wolves-colored Dukie.

But the potential reward – to help Wolves rise to the list of great powers at the Western Conference – would be worth it.

As of this writing, Clint Capela, who Wolves allegedly loved, will remain in Atlanta. Williams has a cheaper solution and signs show he has fans among Wolves’ management. So they should go to their husband on Thursday night during the NBA draft.

It’s going to be a little tricky, as for most fake designs, he’ll have some choice before he’s elected Wolves at the age of 19. Charlotte in the middle, with options 13 and 15, is a likely destination for most bets. In order for Williams to drop to 19, Memphis grandfather Jalen Duren, who is in the top ten in the pair, should fall to Charlotte.

The Wolves will likely have to offer an exchange of options – hanging on to one or two of their three second-round selections as a sweetener – to rise to Williams victory in the draft. That is the step they should take.

Williams is a great athlete with less than 6% body fat. He was in Duke 7: 1. When measured last month at the NBA reconnaissance plant, he was 7-2 in footwear and 7-6 in wingspan. His reach when standing was 9 feet 9 inches, which means he can touch the edge of his toes.

His attack has focused on catching oops and setbacks, making him a ridiculous 29-36 (81%) in his first five NCAA tournament games.

Although he tried to throw just one three-pointer for Blue Devils last season, some believe he has the characteristics of a reliable shot. It’s ideal for the Wolves attack that revolves around Towns and Anthony Edwards.

In addition to the limited Williams attack, Williams is tasked with defending the next level of choice. He seems fast enough to recover from the defense and change the blow when he is hit.

This could allow Towns more power to play, where he can spread his tremendous skills throughout the field, while Williams keeps the paint running. Edwards would have another big man to feed or lobby for his slalom. Opponents’ attacks should think twice about attacking the basket when both Towns and Williams are on the floor. And KAT can always slip back to the center if meetings require it.

Tim Connelly, the new president of Timberwolves, is a modern leader who can offer good quotes without revealing much. But he didn’t hold back recently when asked where the club could improve itself.

“We need better protection on the edge,” Connelly said. “We can’t be a defensive rebound team like we used to be. We have to lose the balls.”

Williams’ 110 blocks were in fifth place in the republic’s rankings last season. He averaged 7.4 rebounds and scored 11.2 points per game, playing just 23 minutes a game. Here is your loved one.

It is not clear how serious Wolves’ interest in Capela is, but it will carry $ 18 million, $ 20 million and $ 22 million over the next three seasons. Williams would pay them less than half, while bringing a lot of benefits.

The backup option could be Auburn’s 7: 1 center Walker Kessler. Kessler was the defensive player of the year last season, leading the crowd in blocks and occasionally defeating three. For most trials, he will go at the end of the first round, so he would be available at the age of 19. But Williams has more potential.

Williams helps defend Wolves.

Williams allows KAT to be KAT.

Williams is a player who likes Target Center offices.

The wolves should go to Dukie.

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