The victory in October is brave

ATLANTA – Joc Pederson put the pearls back on and Max Fried built another pearl. It may not have been October. But the final stages of the brave 2: 1 victory over the Giants in Truist Park on Monday night certainly evoked memories of last year’s victorious afternoon.

“You had real energy and you had nervous energy in the stands,” said Dansby Swanson of Atlanta. “It’s fun to play in. I think it’s good to prepare you for October and such moments.”

The Orlando Arcia game singer put an end to the brave who have won 16 of the last 18 games. Atlanta has spent the last few weeks fighting against teams that have lost records. But against the club of the caliber of the series-opening playoffs, the reigning World Cup champions showed why they hope to extend their success through the more difficult part of the schedule.

“There were a lot of great moments,” said manager Brian Snitker, whose team improved to 39:29 and advanced to Giants (37:29) and second out of three National Card places in the National League.

What was the biggest moment of this game?
Well, you have to go with the ending Arcia, which is attached to the left box. As the insider came out of the right-handed box, he waved his finger at Phil Gosselin, who raced from the second base to slide across the plate just before Pederson threw from the left field.

Pederson received his World Cup ring before the game and received a huge round of applause before his ninth round fingertip. However, he did not prove to be a hero on his first trip back to the ball field, where he took thousands of fans to wear pearls in October last year. The honor went to Arcia, who has played Atlanta as the second player after replacing the injured Ozzie Albies at 9:21.

“Every time I’m potentially the last player in the game, it feels like a world series game,” Arcia said through an interpreter.

Speaking of the World Series
With only two hits in the first seven rounds of the Giants, Fried looked about the same as scoring six goal-free balls in the final 6th year of the World Cup. Pederson said they were brave “powerful fighters” or something like that at the championship parade a few days later.

Pederson gave a loud applause that November, and fans gave him another bright applause when he was on the plate in Monday’s ninth place. After a long error drilling the ball to the right of the right field pole, the veteran field player went through the left left free field. One shot later, the Giants had runners-up in the second and third. But Kenley Jansen killed the threat with a series of blows by Thairo Estrada and Brandon Crawford.

Brave fans were able to show respect for Pederson and still achieve the desired result.

“It was cool to see it,” said catcher Travis d’Arnaud. “He definitely deserved it for all the great moments he grew up with us last year. He changed the whole clubhouse environment.

Peaceful clubhouse
One of the leaders of the clubhouse is d’Arnaud, who started the second shift with his 10th home game of the season, which was his sixth 36 strokes on June 1st. He respects the staff of the ball field and often spends time with a cohesive rescue corps, who often chills together after games in the clubhouse.

Will Smith, who earned a full-fledged close-up in Atlanta last season, certainly earned a chance to relax after Monday’s game. Fried drove before the single, the second single and the eighth round of the walk. He stepped out of the loaded pallets and watched as Smith limited the damage in one run.

The danger ended when Matt Olson grabbed Mike Yastrzemski from the sharp ground as it led him into stupid territory. Despite slipping in the grass, Gold Glove’s two-time main player made the exact turn that Smith grabbed before finding the bag on time.

“It was a very good team win tonight,” Fried said.

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