Should the Knicks trade Malcolm for Brogdon? Potentially suitable for New York No. 11

Another report was buried under Kyrie Irving’s saga, which took over the Knicks news cycle on Monday. The Athletic‘s Shams Charania scorer on New York could try to acquire. Indiana Pacers are “seriously discussing” Malcolm Brogdon’s deals, Charania writes, and the Knicks are interested, sources told him.

When Brogdon plays, he’s a great starting guard, the type Knicks is looking for, given that when someone who fits that description shows up, New York appears in the discussion. The problem is that he often doesn’t play. Brogdon was injured most of last season, playing just 36 games. From 2016-2017 He has achieved the first place in 56 games only once since the newcomer season. It has three years and about $ 68 million left to renew its October contract.

Regardless of the history of the injuries, a legal first-round choice may be needed to drive him away from Indiana. If the Knicks want Brogdon enough (and to be clear, there’s nothing to suggest; we’re just talking about representation theory right now), you might need Option 11 to do something.

Even if Brogdon’s injury history scares some teams, the 29-year-old’s contract is long enough that the Pacers don’t have to deal with him right now. They could hold on to him, wait until he has a whole season, which is likely to happen at some point, and potentially give him a first-round game.

Brogdon has effective campaigns on his resume. He has scored 20 points in the last two seasons. His salary will no longer be as blatant as you begin to understand what other defenders are doing. Between 2022 and 2023, he will have to pay $ 22.6 million, making him the 16th highest-paying scorer in the NBA. Pacers has time to play the waiting game, which means that if you want him today, you have to give up something valuable.

Indiana is also likely to refer to other role-playing guards who have commanded significant loops in return. For example, Derrick White’s change made Spurs a first-round selection and a first-round change in February, and Brogdon is higher in the NBA’s hierarchy than White.

It is possible that the deal in the NBA draft will go down on Thursday if the Knicks have the 11th and 42nd selections. Maybe New York will sign an agreement, or maybe Brogdon will be involved elsewhere.

Here are some other thoughts that lead to the draft:


At least eight 11th candidates have personally trained with Knicks. Based on the team’s announced players, public information, social media updates and sources, the list includes G League Ignite Dyson Daniels, LSU Tari Eason, Ohio State Malaki Branham, Kansas Ochai Agbaj and Kentucky TyTy Washington. G League Ignite’s MarJon Beauchamp and Duke’s AJ Griffin and Mark Williams came to solo training.

Johnny Davis of Wisconsin said he did not train for Knicks, although he interviewed them at the plant in May. The Knicks also interviewed Keegan Murray of Iowa.

Jaden Ivey from Purdue, who was able to get up on Thursday night, said he only worked for Pistons, who has a fifth choice, and Magic, who has a first. He did not work for Kings, who are in fourth place but may change his mind.

“There are situations where I can go to New York,” Ivey told reporters at a Zoom press conference on Monday.

Ideal timing. Why not create drama?

Alone vs group

Players do not choose who their teams will play in pre-draft training, but they have a say in the format. Some players only train alone, hoping to break the one-zero exercises and make an impression during the interviews.

The latter strategy may be accompanied by a predictable high choice. After all, he’s less likely to look bad if there’s no one to beat him.

But TyTy Washington went the other way. Washington plans to go somewhere in the teens on Thursday night. Meanwhile, the Knicks brought him to practice on June 6, which included two more options for them No. 11; Branham and Daniels were there too.

“Basketball is never one to zero,” Washington said. “You can go out and be the best one-zero player, but how can you play with other people when someone is protecting you? If I have the opportunity to train against myself, whatever is best for me.

Mysterious player

Kentucky Shaedon Sharpe remains such a mystery that even the quality of his preparatory training is unclear. There are rumors of Sharpe’s inconsistent training. But on Monday, The AthleticSeth Davis published a story that allowed scouts to express their unfiltered thoughts on many soon-to-be drafts, including Sharpe.

“If you look at his professional day, you think he’s in the top three,” said the scout. “He didn’t go wrong and hit hard. I love his size, I love his athleticism.

Sharpe went to Kentucky last season, but wore a red shirt for his change and then entered the draft. There was a time when people considered him the top five. That’s still possible, but it seems that his range of drafts has widened enough for us to guess if he’s in when the Knicks pick up 11th place.

The argument for elevating him, even if he hasn’t played in a competition after high school, depends in part on his pre-university reputation. Sharpe was ranked No. 1 in a high school class in 2022 before being reclassified to 2021 so he could go to Kentucky with a plan to sit for the season.

“Someone chooses him high because he was the first player in his class,” the scout told Davis. “You can look at the history of these men and very few of them have failed.”

This is common logic, and it’s hardly debatable to say that basketball, which is great at every level it has played, is more likely to be great in basketball when it reaches the NBA. But let’s look at history.

According to the recognized recruitment site, high school player No. 1 from each graduating class 15 years ago.

High school recruiters in the highest position

Only two of these players, John Wall and Andrew Wiggins, have made it to the stellar team (although some younger men, such as Cade Cunningham and RJ Barrett, could make it). Six players on this list are already out of the league. Six didn’t make it through their newcomer’s contracts with the teams that drafted them, and it doesn’t include Josh Selby, who was a second-round pick and only lasted a few seasons in the league. Five had NBA careers lasting six years or less.

Someone will take the Sharpe lottery, maybe a large selection. He can go sixth to Pacers or seventh to Trail Blazers or to whom Portland exchanges his choice when he makes a deal. At some point, the rewards outweigh the risks and the rewards are huge. But the agency needs to be confident in its high school research process to make a choice like hers. High school recruiters are not guaranteed.

Daniels self-awareness

There are three NBA defenders that Dyson Daniels likes to watch the most: Lonzo Ball, Mikal Bridges and Alex Caruso. Daniels knows who he is: tall, versatile, still growing, a possible defender, but also a possible secondary creator under attack.

Despite how Daniels got up after impressive performances in training and combining, there is still a chance that he will be in 11th place. If it weren’t for that, he wouldn’t have wasted his time coming. Work out in Westchester. And let’s be honest, he’s the head coach of the Tom Thibodeau guy.

Thibodeau falls into the prospects of undeclared work. He pushed the Knicks into the 25th place in Quentin Grimes last season and was also in Miles McBride’s second round of selection. I’m speculating, but for a coach who breaks as many vocal cords as he does for protection, I have to imagine Daniels would be attractive.

“That’s my most NBA readiness skill: to be able to step on the floor and defend the best player,” Daniels said. “Of course, you have a very defensive team (in New York) and Coach Thibs is a great coach. If I am elected to that role on that team, I will definitely play that role.

The comparison of the ball is cunning. Daniels is similar in size, able to protect guards and wings, is a smart decision maker and seems at least more comfortable today as a dripper. The ball has become one of the fiercest defenders in the world. If he had survived last season, he would have had a strong NBA All-Defensive First Team case.

Don’t underestimate Daniels’ ability to guard different positions. The main reason the Knicks started so many defenders with Alec Burks between 2021 and 2022 was that it allowed them to turn on more screens that they didn’t feel so comfortable with their smaller guards, including Immanuel Quickley and of course. , Kemba Walker, who started the season as chairman. But Daniels is bigger than Burks – and even if he doesn’t develop into a full-time general, he’s closer to it than Burks.

No matter what team Daniels is on, he doesn’t have to force his size on his perimeter, as the Knicks did last season. Updates could begin on the draft evening.

Niche, but important

This amusing fact drives payroll geeks to faint. Barrett’s salary in 2022-23 is almost exactly in line with the projected over-average, which means that the Knicks office is waiting to see if he loses a significant amount of vacancy in the summer of 2023.

Here’s how it works.

At some point, probably next week, the NBA will release an estimated average salary for the 2022-23 season, set by too many real average salary in 2021-22, then multiply it by 1,045. At present, the forecast is too high at $ 10.8 million.

But there is a twist. Barrett will earn $ 10.9 million between 2022 and 2023, which means the Knicks must pray that the estimated average salary doesn’t exceed expectations. If it’s higher than Barrett’s salary, the Knicks will lose about $ 5 million in the game room in 2023 in the summer if they hope to be big players.

The hat science behind the whole ordeal is troublesome.

If Barrett earns more than the estimated average next season and the Knicks do not extend with him this summer or fall, so he will be sent to a limited agency next season, his 2023 cap will remain (a designated placeholder for the free agent that counts). team cap) would be 250 percent of his current salary. That’s just over $ 27 million. However, if the estimated average salary is slightly higher than expected and Barrett falls below it – and, as one league expert has told me, the estimated average salary, which is rising by more than $ 100,000, is ‘basically nonsense’ – then keeping Barrett’s cap collides. up to $ 32 million, about $ 5 million to bite Knicks ’2023 basket space.

Hold on to your fans. It will soon be an exciting ride.

(Photo by Malcolm Brogdon and Kemba Walker: Vincent Carchietta / USA Today)

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