Packers’ Best Games of 2021, No. 9: Randall Cobb’s Catch Hopes Against Game Winner Bengals

Every year, the writers of Acme Packing Company vote in favor Green Bay PackersLast season’s best games. Our voices are based on the influence of the play, spectacular individual or teamwork, or pure entertainment. We compile votes to list the top ten premieres. Join us in two weeks as we count Packers’ top 10 out of 2021.

After yesterday’s leveling in the 10th game, we move to 9th, Randall Cobb’s 3rd and 16th almost conversion against Cincinnati Bengals in Week 5. One of the most tense games of the season, the Packers and Bengals exchanged extra time shots and defensive errors on the way, with Mason Crosby finally sending one up when 1:55 left.

While Packers’ attack raged most of the game against a possible Super Bowl runner-up, some key games determined the outcome and kept the team barely hanging. One such play reached the long-running hero of Packers with a decisive late play and served as a reunion for both him and QB1.

The game

After the opening week’s catastrophic loss on the way to the New Orleans Saints, the Packers had found their way. Three consecutive wins, two against the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, have stabilized. Their tour of AFC North continued as the Packers headed to Cincinnati for an afternoon game of 3: 1 against Bengal. The well-off, supportive climber turned out to be much more than that when they reached the Super Bowl, and in retrospect, the strength of the team could be seen in such games.

The situation

The game opened with four strokes and Aaron Rodgers, the announcer of the future ugly football. Cincinnati scored 10 games and 51 yards to finish the first quarter. Rodgers and Packers responded with their 75-yard ground, but Mason Crosby missed the PAT. His terrible day at the office had just begun. From that moment on, the two teams moved back and forth, until an 8-minute 75-yard Bengals race tied for 3:27 after the 4th quarter. Here the wheels of this disastrous game came loose.

Aaron Jones interrupted the 57-yard run in the next race to help the Packers win. However, Crosby hit just 36 yards. In order not to be left behind, the Bengals set themselves up to win 57 yards. Evan McPherson got caught. Of course, some of Aaron Rodgers’ heroes were on their way. A 20-yard hit to Davante Adams set Mason Crosby’s 51-yard goal to end the nightmare. But like the villain in the horror movie who just doesn’t die, the blow went by and the Bengals got a second hit.

The game

De’Vondre Campbell’s break-up opened overtime (longer in this series) and put Packers back in great shape. But God had long since left Paul Brown Stadium, and the fans were hit again, which was certainly a revenge for the sins of the past. The game looked pretty good. Burrow and Chase took Bengals to Packers territory and McPherson struck. Half of that prediction came true! But Krys Barnes stopped Joe Mixon in 3rd and 1st place, leading to a 49-yard hit. You know the story by now. Although McPherson thought he did it, he missed it.

Rodgers and others. got the ball in their 39-yard line at 4:13 OT. The screen pushed Marcedes Lewis to the Packers’ net 20 yards away when Big Dog bounced back from a tackler. Now on Cincinnati’s 41-yard line, the Packers lost 6 yards in the next two games, with Aaron Jones running and a bag. 3rd and 16th Packers’ final shot came out after a grueling game. Rodgers stood in his pocket and, drifting to the left of his hind leg, passed the pass to Randall Cobb directly at the marker, who let Jessie Bates down the middle. The production can be viewed here. After the inspection decided that the ball was missing from the first shot, the Packers had to hit. This time, Mason Crosby hit a 49-yard shot from the left, sending it straight to the center. Game over. Packers win.


Packers started 2-0 against AFC North and finished the season with a clean sweep. As of 4: 1, the loss of the 1st week against Saints was further away. Fans of both teams and everyone who watched had lost their lives for a few years and probably promised not to talk about what they saw anymore. Although Randall Cobb was injured later in the season, the production gave us a glimpse into his heyday and proved that he may have only a little left in the tank.

The Packers won two more in a row, giving them the momentum they needed to win the home Arizona Cardinals and take control of the NFC conversation.

Be aware that number 8 will be played on our census on Wednesday as we discuss the pivotal game of Week 5 of Packers and Bengals.

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