NBA Draft Summary: Jaden Ivey, other prospects discuss Knicks training

We are only days or hours away from knowing the results of the 2022 NBA draft! – at a distance. What was once a one-man class Chet Holmgrenthen became a two-man war after its addition Paolo Banchero and finally it turned into a three-horse race, where the last young man was pictured, Jabari Smithis now in the best position to receive these No. 1 compliments.

What is more interesting, however, is the fact that seems to be the case the other player locked himself no. Four lovers will come on Thursday: Purdue guard Jaden Ivey. That is the case with consensus, so we are not here to argue about it. Problem with this assumption? The Sacramento Kings are in fourth place overall. Of course, De’Aaron Fox and Davion Mitchell are already on the King’s list, and the season is beginning when they trade for another – perhaps the best of the three – Indiana Tires in Haliburton.

For such a bona fide combined guard, Jaden Ivey, this is not the most attractive of the landing sites. However, when asked about his favorite places to play on Monday, he had a very strong opinion of what he was expecting and knew it could happen next. “There may be situations where I can land in New York.” Uh, oh, bend over to Kings (as if he hadn’t already given hints that he wouldn’t be very happy with the Cali-based franchise).

Ivey, who spent two years playing for Boilermakers at the college level, did average Last season in the NCAA 17.3 pg, 4.9 pg and 3.1 pg. He hit 46% off the floor and 36% three-point throws from a charity bar with 74% accuracy on 12.3 attempts at night. Ivey discussed the possibilities of joining Knicks and the franchise on Thursday when New York finds a suitable package to trade to grab him, saying: “It would be a great opportunity, a great organization. I would be honored to play there. They recently got into the play-off two years ago. I feel like I can improve the organization and help them win if they distract me.

However, it will take more than a while to switch to this fourth option, at least now that the reports paint it. Kings is looking for a legal winning player in return for the choice, and if this is not the case, it must be assumed that the package of voters and young people flying to Sacto should be of the highest quantity / quality.

Live from Boston, Speaking on behalf of ESPNAdrian Wojnarowski made this clear. “The number 4 in Sacramento Kings is very much at stake. […] The cost of moving to Sacramento is significant.

It looks like the Knicks brass are facing difficult negotiations, people.

Although Ivey is the player of the obvious dreams for the organization and the franchise is so damaging that it is already rumored NYK is trying to poach Kyrie Irving from Brooklyn. Believe it or not, it’s up to you. But in both cases, the basic thinking is the same: getting a game manager is no. 1 challenge and the need to further solve this team.

Together to trade no. 4 select what is difficult to pull out and Kyrie whispers not entirely plausible– and real trade is difficult to complete given wage constraints, oddities and limitations it may be time to start focusing on other prospects related to Knicks.

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Johnny Davis of the Wisconsin wing spoke on Monday after the end of the second season of the extraordinary NCAA. The development of Davis’ game, which was helped by his games against 20 against 31, which began in 2022, was delightful: 7-1-4 in the game line as a freshman last year 19-8-2. We call this leveling around these places. Davis knows what he’s doing when he’s still on the board whenever the New York Knicks make his choice: “I feel like Tom Thibodeau is very tall in terms of defenders, so I feel that if the Knicks drafted me, I could come in and make a direct impact, especially in defense.”

Although Davis is first seen as an attacking man, scouts have praised his underestimated defense, which it quotes. New York Post a piece of evidence “[Davis] is incredibly competitive. Plays at both ends of the floor. You can reach your middle class jumper at any time.

North Carolina vs Duke

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Also on Monday, Duke’s AJ Griffin spoke to the media Zoom during a call. Griffin confirmed his training at Knicks, as well as at the San Antonio Spurs, New Orleans Pelicans, Portland Trailblazers and Indiana Pacers. New York was the last of these trainings to get the latest glimpse of the Blue Devil outlook. “It was great, it was a good workout, my last,” Griffin said. “It was a good workout.”

Of course, the Duke-NYK connection was brought to the conversation, namely in connection with the former Blue Devils one-of-a-kind phenomenon with RJ Barrett. “I met RJ once or twice. We talked for a long time. You’re always connected through basketball. It’s more of a mutual friendship.”

Griffin expanded his relationship with Barrett personally and remotely, saying so “I think based solely on his game and watching the game, I think we could be good together. I know he likes to get down and down the hill and take pictures. We’re from Duke and we have that Duke connection I feel like it’s cool to play with him and we’ll complement each other’s games. We hope this is the case when New York finally elects Griffin.

LSU vs Kentucky

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Although a lower profile player, LSU is a second-year striker Tari Eason also confirmed her training at the New York Knicks with other rehearsals in Charlotte, Minnesota, Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Memphis and Chicago. Eason is projected to be the late lottery / top20 option and should be a discount for Knicks rather than the current one. 11 options.

Another Duke, Mark Williams also told the world about his training with the Hornets, Knicks, Spurs and Bulls and his last-minute training in Washington. while he introduces his talents to the Wizards franchise.

The closer we get to thursday wild the rumors reach until Woj starts throwing tweets at the names of the drafts ten minutes before they become official. Oh, those handy spoilers … In the meantime, update this website to get the latest news, opinions, and tips we can compile and share with you. It doesn’t have to wait that long.

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