“I Love Atlanta”: Joc Pederson Receives a Braves World Series Ring

The man, who was wearing pearls in a torture in the National League division, famously proclaimed that the brave “could just be the ones …” felt in love as he approached the stadium. He was warmly received by the security guards and stadium staff.

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Some of Pederson’s Giant teammates who came in with him said, “Lord, you’ve been here for two months. What is it? ”

“I don’t know,” Pederson said. “It’s a special place.”

Pederson, who was not part of the starting line-up against Max Fried on the left, received his ring during a ceremony on the pitch before Monday’s game. Truist Park gave him another standing ovation during the demonstration and proudly showed his ring to the people. Pederson had contributed to the design of the ring, which had a pearl on the side and the words “We Are Need …” on the inside. Pederson said he was pleasantly surprised by both additions – they weren’t his recommendation.

“I’ve seen the pictures and it’s pretty special,” Pederson said. “But to accept (accept) in front of this fan base how highly they valued us throughout this race means even more celebration with them and the people who made it happen.”

“Joc did a great job for us last year. When we got Joc, we immediately got a reliable man. He had been a play-off man all his life in the Premier League. He gave us some big hits that helped us get there.

manager Brian Snitker, what Joc Pederson meant to the brave in 2021

On the ring design, Pederson added: “You see all those NBA team net rings and how creative and really cool they are. We’re in Atlanta. It just seemed like it had to be something super flashy and cool. I think they broke it.”

The 30-year-old visited with former teammates and coaches earlier in the afternoon. He keeps in touch with several teammates, specifically Ian Anderson, Luke Jackson and Travis d’Arnaud. In the meantime, Pederson took pictures and handed out autographs to the fans. One of the young fans’ labels had “Forever my pearls in hand” with a picture and signature of the player.

And yes, Pederson’s pearls re-emerged on Monday (although they weren’t a set of world series on display in the Hall of Fame). He wore them throughout the afternoon, including during the ring ceremony. Jackson and Anderson also wore pearls next to him. Pederson said he hadn’t worn pearls since the Brave race, but the time was right to bring them back.

“It goes through the whole story of why I started wearing them, it just seemed right,” he said. “Atlanta took them and took them to another level, so I didn’t want to take them again until we were here.”

Pederson had the biggest impact on the field in the NLDS last October. He scored 3-7 (.429) against Brewers in two home games and five strokes. If he had won the MVP of the series, he would have won it. Pederson also played against his former Dodgers in Game 2 of the subsequent NL Championship Series. He released his Players’ Tribune before the World Series, which also included his beloved vulgar rally exclamation.

“Joc did some damn work for us last year,” said manager Brian Snitker. “When we got Joc, we immediately got a reliable man. He had been a play-off man all his life in the Premier League. He gave us some big hits that helped us get there.

“Guys like that, he’ll tell you what he thinks and won’t hold back. He’s a man to take advantage. No place in the game was too big for him. Getting a man with playoff was a big deal for us. Ronnie went down. (President of Baseball Operations) Alex (Anthopoulos) didn’t waste time getting the big pieces in. I think when (Pederson) showed up, it showed that we weren’t going to sit down and lick our wounds. we did.

After a brave championship, Pederson refused to make his choice – a condition of the contract he had with Cubs before the season – and joined the agency. He shares the agency with former Braves lead Freddie Freeman, so he knew the team had “bigger fish to fry,” he said. Pederson landed with the Giants, a rival team based in Palo Alto, California.

Pederson has been a part of the last two World Cup winners, so he goes to San Francisco three times in a row. The Giants entered 37:28 on Monday, the seventh of NL’s winnings. They could even potentially meet the Brave in the afternoon.

Whatever the future holds, Pederson is an iconic brave who is rooted in franchise history both on and off the square with the highlights that captured the heart of the city.

“I love Atlanta,” Pederson said. Atlanta always loves her too.

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