College World Series 2022: Monday Results, Winners and Results

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The 2nd place finish in the Men’s College World Championships in front of Stanford was expected on Monday in the knockout game No. 14 with Auburn, the second-placed team, who lost their first game last week and was among the losers.

There was a lot less pressure on the night hat as Ole Miss and Arkansas played for the semi-finals and the loser played at least one more game.

Here’s an overview of Nebraska’s Omaha activities.

Monday ‘s results

No. 14 Auburn 6, No. 2 Stanford 2

Ole Miss 13, Arkansas 5

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Auburn 6, Stanford 2

Standing No. 2 in the tournament standings, Auburn rallied from an early deficit to keep his season alive and earn his first MCWS win in 25 years.

Stanford was in control after scoring the first two rounds. Brett Barrera and Adam Crampton both made an RBI double to give the Cardinal the lead.

But Stanford’s bats subsided when Auburn’s starter Trace Bright sank. This gave the Tigers a chance to jump, and they did so in the sixth round of four races. Cole Foster opened with two throws and a three-run double after a base-filled walk.

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Auburn hit Brody Moore in the seventh time with a sacrificial fly and Bobby Peirce in an RBI double.

The Cardinal threatened the bottom half of the inning as he loaded the bases with two outs. But Blig Burkhalter, the Tigers’ all-American close player, closed the door with a final 2.1 innings to push Auburn into another playoff on Tuesday.

Bright finished with eight strokes and zero walks in five rounds. Tigers relievers Tommy Sheehan and Burkhalter scored a total of four goal-free shots and eight strokes, and Burkhalter scored 16th.

Ole Miss 13, Arkansas 5

After Arkansas opened Stanford over the MCWS in 17 runs on Saturday, the Razorbacks were in the opposite direction when Ole Miss brought in fireworks to reach the semi-finals.

Rebels chased Razorbacks starter Zack Morris in the first shift. With two outs, Morris handed over the RBI single to Kevin Graham before walking two hits and hitting another to push him to the second race.

Arkansas responded in the first race, but Tim Elko’s two-run home game in the second increased Ole Missi’s lead.

Calvin Harris followed in two races in the third race after the Razorbacks closed again during the race. He then started his two-run home run to make the fifth round in the fourth run.

Graham and Jacob Gonzalez added fifth RBI singles. Ole Miss added Justin Bench’s double single and Elko RBI field player for eighth. This was the third time in the last five games that the rebels had run 10 or more races.

Ole Missi starter Hunter Elliott promised one well-earned race in six rounds with six hits and two walks in four strokes.

Arkansas will face Auburn in the playoffs on Tuesday. Ole Miss is waiting for the winner of this game in Wednesday’s semi-finals with a rematch that will follow on Thursday when Rebels lose.

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