Cole took an unbeatable bid in 8th place when Yanks won 50 times

TAMPA – Gerrit Cole continues to top the list of the best active Premier League throwers without getting hit after the New York Yankees beat 4: 2 Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field on Monday night.

The win led to a top-of-the-line 33 game in the Yankees season with over 0.500 results in 50:17, the third best in the history of the club in 1998 with 67 games.

Cole, who tried to become the 13th thrower without a punch, scored seven shifts in just three main races before the midfielder Isaac Paredes hit the longest free bid in the middle of the eighth. league career.

“I thought I had good things. I’ve never taken an unbeatable shot, so I can’t tell you what no-hit stuff looks like,” Cole said, referring to whether Monday night’s arsenal was good enough not to. tabada. Fast. “I’ve had a couple of good nights in the past. Honestly, I’m just glad we won in this situation.”

Cole finished the season at the top with 12 strokes. It was the sixth game of Cole’s career with 12 strokes for Yankees, joining Al Downing (10) as the only thrower in the history of the franchise with the same number of 12 strokes.

Manager Aaron Boone and catcher Jose Trevino recognized the quality of Cole’s slider.

“His slider was special early on and then he just got a rhythm there. He was dominant,” Boone said. “I thought his fast ball was great, but the slider looked very good tonight. The slider was on the second level. They put him to work a bit, so the number of pitches went up and I think he was finally gassed. But I thought that he was dominant tonight. “

“The way he prepares, the way he comes out, the way he just performs, haunts and follows, is impressive. Ever since I’ve been here, he’s only impressed me,” Trevino said. Cole, who has made a 0.93 ERA (19 innings, 2 earned races) in three starts against Rays this season after making his 2020 Yankees debut of 5.05.

Cole did not register the decision after Rays scored two races in the eighth shift to make an equal draw against Clay Holmes, who has made it to the franchise’s 29-game series without allowing the opening game. day. Holmes’s was the longest sequence in striped history. It also interrupted the 31⅓ bowling series without allowing it to run, the longest active series in the main events.

“I thought I had good things. I’ve never taken an unbeatable shot, so I can’t say what the no-hit stuff looks like.”

Gerrit Cole

However, Holmes was more disappointed that Cole was unable to hold the lead with his seventh victory of the season. Holmes, who has known Cole since they were both in the Pittsburgh Pirates draft in 2011, said he was certainly surprised that the Ace of Yankees had not recorded a no-hit during his 10 major tournament seasons.

“His numbers are pretty crazy. Just the more detailed statistics he got for the third time are still very good for him. I think he’ll get it one day. He was close tonight,” Holmes said. “I hate that we gave up running to get off the hook for victory, but he certainly deserved what he did today.”

The Yankees continued the rally in ninth, with Josh Donaldson hitting the left and Aaron Hicks hitting the ball to the right; both scored.

The Yankees have not lost any games in June; their last two-game series of losses came against the same AL East rival Ray (May 28-29).

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