Why does Steph Curry have an advantage over LeBron James over NBA rare superstars?

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SAN FRANCISCO – For the fourth summer of his NBA career, Stephen Curry can wake up every day with a champion smile and then peek into several MVP trophies. In a league with 450 active players, only one other has experienced this frequency.

LeBron James.

Although Curry and James’ careers aren’t exactly parallel – they were drawn six years apart – they are forever bound by tetralogy, four consecutive NBA Finals in which Steph’s Warriors faced LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers. Every man is in his 30s, and neither has felt a more enduring and exciting opponent.

They are rivals entering the twilight, which makes the comparison fair. Warning: Opinions here deviate from the usual NBA debate. We will not despise one to attract another. Steph and LeBron have earned enough respect to be immune to Palaver.

Two arguments are beyond dispute. The first is that LeBron has done things that Steph has never been able to do. At the age of 22, he reached the finals of the 2007 Cavaliers Pedestrian List. Although conquered by the San Antonio Spurs, the team’s escape from the Eastern Conference was one of the most amazing accomplishments in 21st century American sports.

The other is that Steph has done at least two things that LeBron never did.

The first is that Curry has taken two different incarnations of the same franchise to and from the finals. Most of the warriors who surrounded him in 2015 have retired, and many who surrounded him in 2022 were in high school in 2015.

The other is that Curry has influenced the whole direction of the sport. His mark on basketball is bigger than anyone else after Michael Jordan – and in some ways even bigger. Steph has taken 3-point throws, which used to be the domain of professionals, and has made this a success. He is literally a game changer.

The NBA is Steph’s league by this yardstick – even with LeBron.

Andre Iguodala joined the NBA in 2004, a year after LeBron, and has played with or against everyone from Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson to Luka Dončić and Kevin Durant. Iguodala is one of the sharpest followers of the game and has experienced its development. He understands the importance of Curry and wonders that he will be in the 2022 finals.

“You’ve never seen a man his size dominate the league like that and just to put everything on your shoulders throughout the final series,” says Iguodala. “We’ve all seen what he did to these boys. You usually get a guy who is a center, like Hakeem (Olajuwon) or Kobe Bryant, LeBron James – those guys are 6-7 and taller and can shoot over their seats and men.

“But a man of his height who’s ‘vertically in trouble’ just saw it, we all saw it. It was just incredible.”

The 6-foot-long Curry has made basketball available to many who were fired at that time, either in Jordan or Kobe, when scouts were looking for super-athletic wings in hopes of finding someone who could do half the things in MJ or Kobe. did. Stephil has scouts investigating the lists of Division II shooters. That’s why Max Strus works in Miami, why Desmond Bane could be a star in Memphis, and why six-foot-long Alfonso Plummer – even at the age of 24 – has a chance to hear his name during an NBA draft on Thursday night.

Another category where LeBron or anyone can compete with Steph is to promote an inclusive and inclusive environment. While LeBron’s teammates sometimes seemed almost timid or suffocated in the case of Kyrie Irving, Curry was an active recruiter in the pursuit of KD and provides an accessible tone in which each team member feels valued.

“Everyone on this team is selfless, from the top to the food chain,” says Jordan Poole. “Our humility, which is, we want everyone to succeed. We want to win games. And the fact that we have such a talented team is rare.

That wouldn’t be true if Curry didn’t guarantee it. The combination of his generations’ offensive ability and routine attitude is key to winning the Golden State more championships than any other franchise since his arrival in 2009.

“You know, with Steph, it doesn’t happen without him,” says coach Steve Kerr. “It’s not taking away anything from Joe (Lacob) and Peter (Guber) because they’ve built an incredible organization. Bob Myers, paganama GM. Our players, we have had so many great players. But in the end, Steph is the reason why this race happened. About like Timmy (Duncan) in San Antonio.

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Jordan’s cultural influence may never be equal. His shoe brand has flourished for two generations, with no reason to believe it won’t reach three or four. Neither LeBron nor Steph could compete with that.

MJ won six rings and five MVP awards and is generally ranked No. 1 on any list. LeBron won four championships with three different teams and has four MVP awards, all before Steph’s first victory. Curry has four rings and two MVP awards, including the only one with a unanimous vote. LeBron and Steph are in the top five of all time.

What neither MJ nor LeBron did was change the game. Too unique.

Steph did. Being the most common rare superstar we’ve ever seen.

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