USFL Week 10: Panthers Earn First Place in 2023 by Winning Two Worst Teams

The USFL did not have to worry about tanks in the last week of the high season, as the league took over to avoid losing teams to improve their draft status. Sunday’s match between Pittsburgh Maulers and the Michigan Panthers gave the league a unique opportunity to try something new, as the teams entered the match 1: 8 in the worst.

Here’s a close-up view of the wrinkle being too new and the rest of the 10th week, as the regular season is coming to an end.

Maulers loses the game and the best choice

With these two The playoff semifinals have already been announced heading for the last week of the regular season, the league had no games in week 10 that had an impact … that is, until it was created. The USFL announced this week that the winner of the Maulers-Panthers match will earn the US No. 1 2023 USFL overall selection, instead of losing the worst record and “earning” that selection.

The Panthers defeated Maulers 33:21, earning the first choice of the 2023 draft – and then the first choice in each round. Michigan with a 2-8 record is the first choice in each round, while Maulers is 2nd in each round – despite finishing 1: 9 with the worst record.

Paxton Lynch, a former NFL first-round pick, made 22 goals from 30 out of 275 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Panthers to victory. This is the second consecutive season that the Panthers have chosen General No. 1 in the USFL draft, using the first selection of the opening gate to choose quarterback Shea Patterson – who was released from the team in May and signed to New Orleans. Breakers days later.

The USFL does have plans for a second season in 2023, so there was an incentive for the return of the spring football league. It is not yet determined whether all the games will be held in a central location (as in Birmingham, Alabama this season). The league will host its playoffs in Canton, Ohio, starting on Saturday, with New Jersey Generals vs. USA in the first of two semi-finals at 3 p.m. Philadelphia Stars followed by 8 Birmingham Stallions vs. New Orleans Breakers. pm ET. The two winners will play in the championship game next Sunday, July 3 at 7.30pm ET.

The generals defeated the Stars six days before they faced the playoffs again

The Philadelphia Stars and New Jersey Generals had reached their playoffs before Week 10, earning two automatic places in the Northern Division. In six days, they will face each other in the play-offs, and in week 10 they will be played. This game did not affect the division’s standings (Generals have already achieved the Northern Division), which made it the last game of the regular season. setup for the semi-final play-off game.

The Generals were able to beat Stars 26:23, ending the season with a nine-game winning streak. New Jersey’s only loss came in the USFL Overtime at the Birmingham Stallions, which fell to them in April at 28:24. The generals smashed the Stars when they finished 6: 0 in the North Division, beating Philadelphia by one in both games.

New Jersey’s biggest winning margin this season was just 11 points, but the generals are looking for ways to win close races. They are favorites in the championship game.

Stallions finish in league # 1

The Birmingham Stallions beat the Tampa Bay Bandits 21:18 and finished the year 9: 1 overall. If the USFL had first place in the playoffs, it would be the Stallions, who set the same record as the generals but beat them in the only game of the season.

Birmingham will not benefit from the home field throughout the regular season when the playoffs move to Canton, but the Stallions are threatening to take home the first championship cup. They promise just 16.1 points per game and 268.9 yards per game, both of which are the top two in the league. Stallions are also third in the USFL in terms of yards per game (326.3) and second in rush billions per game (136.5).

Football and strong defense is the reason why the Stallions and Generals finished with the best records. They seem ready for a rematch in Canton.

Second place teams are afraid of the playoffs

Stars and the New Orleans Breakers both got first-place teams in their division to reach the playoffs, but don’t sleep with their second-place teams in Canton next weekend. New Orleans lost nine points to Birmingham in the first match and only one point in the second – a hit by Brandon Aubrey in less than two minutes.

Stars lost eight points to the generals in the first match and three in the 10-week match, which had no effect. Philadelphia has promised the most jumping yards per game in the league (151.2), but has the most jumping yards in the league with 25. Stopping the run is key for Philadelphia if the Stars want to get excited.

Unhappy gamblers end up on a high note

The Houston Gamblers started the season 1: 7, with six of them losing by five points or less and two coming in the final. However, Houston finally got lucky in the last two weeks, first giving Birmingham Stallions their only main season loss in Week 9, then beating the New Orleans Breakers 20: 3 in Week 10.

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