Top 10 NFL Broadcast Recipients of 2022: Raiders Davante Adams and Vikings Justin Jefferson’s Main Feed Catchers

NFL titles belong to the defenders, but when one position became a new hot topic in 2022, it was widespread. During this off-season, several big names changed teams and a handful of others made a record deal. And it’s no wonder how important the No. 1 bait catcher is in today’s game.

But which NFL wide receivers are truly the best in 2022? We’re glad you asked because we ranked them.

What were our criteria for sorting the best of the best? We tried to keep the balance previous production, present value and future outlook. But at the end of the day, it may be easier to consider the following list, which is our best answer to these two questions: which WRs do we trust the most? And which WRs are most successful this year? During the intense talks, we tried to separate the WRs from their respective teams to consider their value; for example, if you swapped AJ Brown and Allen Robinson, which team would be better?

Without further ado, the top 10:

10. AJ Brown (Eagles)

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Seahawks’ DK Metcalf, the top alternative here, loves all sorts of love for its strange combination of size and speed, but Brown has a similar profile with the same, if not more, consistent production. Permanent injuries are worth watching and their numbers are not always varied, but he is an bona fide alpha who creates games with his volume, strength and explosiveness. He is also set to succeed as the Eagles’ new frontrunner, working with rising bait catchers such as DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert.

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Allen has been doing it right for so long that it’s almost surprising that he just turned 30. The pure runner, who could be QB’s best friend, has hit at least 100 catches and 1,100 yards in four of the last five seasons, and is set to remain Justin Herbert’s best safety valve in Chargers’ potentially big year. While Mike Williams is LA’s big output, Allen has been on the team’s Mr. Reliable for half a decade and counting as one of the NFL’s most stable high-volume targets.

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Deebo was already a leader before he became the MVP of the 49ers attack game in 2021, always bringing the runner’s vision and ranking physics into different roles. Kyle Shanahan simply fed him either in the bottom or in the backfield to make him stand out statistically. Speaking of money, you won’t find much better athletes in his size (6: 0, 215), and while it’s fair to think that he would still dominate the statistics sheets as a strictly traditional receiver, he has too much rough speed to ignore.

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Evans, which has been undervalued each year, has surpassed 1,500 yards “only” once in its eight NFL seasons. However, he has never failed among the top 1000 and has become a little more reliable in terms of catches since working with Tom Brady. Size has always been on his side (6-5, 231), but he still moves smoothly at almost 29 years old and is still dangerous, passing an average of over 14 yards per effort for five consecutive seasons. Connect it to any configuration and get a receiver that is, of course, almost always open.

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Perhaps none of the performance presses listed here are greater than “Cheetah,” which is now the NFL’s highest-paying deal after a sudden deal from Kansas City. His more stout growth (5-10, 185) has never prevented him from having opponents in large places; not only is he extraordinary in lightning-fast deep bullets, but he’s not afraid to knock out guys in narrow windows. But it’s not crazy to wonder how his game without Patrick Mahomes turns into a Dolphins attack that seems to be more focused on short-range concepts.

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After five years as a star at the Viking WR, Diggs has become an even more perfect target as Josh Allen’s favorite square. He’s just doing everything right. The speed element is still there, making it a strong candidate for Allen’s rocket launch, but it really wins both on the line and during breaks, mastering its routes and maintaining a reliable hand. As he approaches 30, he can rely more on mastery skills, but in Buffalo’s deep and explosive attack, it’s not bad.

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When Stefon Diggs makes the route cool, Kupp does the same, albeit more often. Only injuries prevented him from becoming a real number one earlier in LA, where he quickly became Matthew Stafford in 2021. It is worth keeping an eye on the durability, considering its large volume and lighter physique, but Kupi’s mastery of mechanics should survive wear and tear. He is not the greatest, he is neither the fastest nor the strongest. But he creates space and scrolls in passports with such ease.

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Big games are the name of the game in today’s NFL, and Chase wasted absolutely no time following in the footsteps of All-Pro (see more about him) as a newcomer to LSU. Was he a little striped at times? Of course. But he was also the biggest reason QB Joe Burrow became an MVP and a Super Bowl candidate. His immediate shot after capture recalls the highlights of Odell Beckham Jr. The only mission with him is to get the ball, because he has the talent to do the rest.

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Its historical beginning is similar to that of the Viking legend Randy Moss, and the comparison is not wild. In two short years as Minnesota’s main target, he has not only replaced Stefon Diggs’ production and production, but surpassed it. Slim No. 1 is the perfect modern width – lightning fast with good hands, good height and good routes. There is nothing against Kirk Cousins, but imagine him playing with Patrick Mahomes. It is one of the safest bets to collect both touchdowns on both the volume and highlight rollers.

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The Raiders may or may not have an offensive line and defensive depth to justify deep play-off hopes, but it’s no wonder they paid to get Adams to land, and not just because he’s a friend of Derek Carr. The longtime Packers star has played the full season only twice in his eight-year career, but when he’s on the field (even hit), he has an overall package, averaging over 90 yards per game in the last three of the four seasons. He is open at every level, has reliable hands and appears when the clutch is lowered. Any worries about his departure from Aaron Rodgers should be tempered if his public and private chemistry with Carr points to their common future.

The best of the rest

DK Metcalf (Seahawks), Mike Williams (chargers), Chris Godwin (Buccaneers), DJ Moore (Pantrid), CeeDee lamb (cowboys), Tee Higgins (Bengals), DeVonta Smith (Eagles), Amari Cooper (Brown), Terry McLaurin (commanders), Tyler Lockett (Seahawks), Jaylen Waddle (dolphins), Brandin cooks (Texans), Odell Beckham Jr. (free agent)

As you can see, we could have easily turned the top 10 into the top 20 because all of these types are clear starting materials. Metcalf was closest to getting into the top 10, as few receivers are equally physically powerful, although he now tries to feed from QB (s) other than Russell Wilson. Godwin has a top-10 ability, but it comes out of injury. Moore does, but sticks to Carolina’s mediocre QB setup. Lamb, Higgins, Smith, McLaurin and Cut they have different styles and skills, but they could easily become the next generation of multi-year Pro Bowlers. Chefs has somehow managed to produce Pro Bowl caliber, despite the fact that the teams have changed every other year Beckham remains a star flight when it is intact and connected to other assistance.

The next level

Allen Robinson (rams), Hunter Renfrow (Raiders), Adam Thielen (Vikings), Tyler Boyd (Bengals), Diontae Johnson (Steelers), Michael Pittman Jr. (Colts), Amon-Ra St Brown (Lions), Darnell Mooney (Bears)

We have a mix of older or experienced possessors here, a la Robinson and Thielenand younger beginners like it Pittman and St. Brown. All of these recipients still have Pro Bowl talent or can be unearthed, but at this stage in their careers, they may not be the real No. 1 targets. Most of them have actually been, or could be, the elite if Option 2 or No. 3.


Calvin Ridley (pistrad), DeAndre Hopkins (cardinals), Michael Thomas (Saints)

All three are top talent if they are completely healthy and motivated, but all three are the main question marks for 2022. Ridley, in fact, it is not suitable at all, because violating the NFL rules on gambling is subject to an annual ban. But assuming he returns in the form of Falcons or someone else, he has a proven ability to run home. Hopkins has long been one of the game’s best ball possession targets, bringing elite hands to Houston and Arizona, but in 2021 he missed a month due to injury and another six a year this year due to a ban. ThomasMeanwhile, Saints is three years away from the 1,700-yard season, but he has played all seven games in two years. Maybe his route will dominate again, but he must get well first.

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