Logan Gilbert won’t back from beating Mike Trout

Due to the upcoming changes to the 2023 season baseball league schedule, where each team will play at least one series of baseball against every other team, the teams will lose six games to their division’s rivals – one home and one national. .

The positive thing for Mariners is that it means six games less than having to face a multi-year MVP who is Angels midfielder Mike Trout and let him hit his field team like no other baseball player – past or present – has a franchise. done during.

Of course, they have 14 more games to play against him this season.

How much more damage can he do?

On Sunday, Trout scored one of the most dominant hits in recent history, smashing two races – his fifth five-game series – to lead Angels 4-0.

The Angels won four of the five games in the series, with four of Trout’s homeowners being considered “game-winning” homeowners because they turned out to be the difference in the game. On Sunday, Mariners starter Logan Gilbert proved to be the winner of the game because Seattle failed to score.

In Angel’s fourth race over Seattle, Trout ran a total of nine races with his five home teams, while the Mariners ran a total of three races.

He now has 52 home teams against Mariners in 172 games and 747 tournament games. This links him to Rafael Palmeiro to get the most home players in franchise history by his opponent. Palmeiro played 216 games against Seattle and made 917 appearances.

Trout now has 33 homeowners with 88 games in T-Mobile Park. He passed Mike Cameron, who hit 30 home teams with 310 games, and Ken Griffey Jr., who had 29 home teams in the stadium with 116 games.

After shooting a 96-mile speed ball into Trout’s hands to move the ball to third base for the first-round doubles, Gilbert found himself in the fourth round of his long battle with Taylor Ward on the first base and no outs.

After throwing up and throwing the first ball, Gilbert took the lead 1: 2 as Trout crossed through the middle of the 96-mile ball and watched the 95-mile speed ball hit the outside corner.

Gilbert stayed on the fast ball as Trout broke the 97-mile and 96-mile squares. Trout filled the number if he did not drive two high-speed balls out of the hit zone.

Trout made a mistake in the middle of the pitch. On Ninth Square, Gilbert shot his ninth fast ball. It had to be at the top of the zone. It was in the middle. The trout smashed it over the right center of the fence.

“I had to hit a few squares before that, but I just missed them,” Trout said.

Gilbert believes he would always have been absent if the square had gone where it was supposed to.

“If we make it to the square, I think we’ll get it there,” Gilbert said. “But we’re just trying different sequences after seeing what he did in a couple of previous games, so it’s always going to be hard. It just comes down to completing your squares.”

Throwing nine consecutive fast balls for a trout is not a typical sequence for most throwers.

“You can get up and throw whatever you want. If he’s locked like that, usually four or five strokes forward, he’ll get to one,” said Phil Nevin, Angels’ interim manager.

Although Mariners’ fan base is startled to walk intentionally every time he comes to the plate or even gets into the deck circle, the logical side of baseball doesn’t, despite his success against Mariners.

It was the fourth substitution of the 0-0 game and Gilbert has arguably the best stuff of all. Manager Scott Servai wanted to see his young start battle with Trout.

“Logan Gilbert is not going to back down,” Servais said. “He shouldn’t. He’s a huge talent. He has a lot of confidence. It doesn’t matter who’s in the box. He’s going after him. He’s got four high-quality courts. And he went after him with the fast ball again, but you have to get the right ball to the right of the kick zone. He didn’t do it. He left it out on the plate. goes over the fence.

Gilbert, who is over-intensive, would not consider surrendering to Trout in such a situation. He wants to hit him. He believes he can beat him.

“We’re trying to treat it like any other hitter,” he said. “I think he’s really good, but there are a lot of very good players in this league. That’s too much of it. So I’m not really ashamed of anyone. I’ll go after them right away.”

It is this mentality that Mariners believes has made Gilbert the best starter of the season. He is aggressive and competitive, with a slightly disgusting series.

“You’re in the big leagues,” Servais said. “Logan is currently one of the top 10 throwers in the league. And I think his numbers will probably confirm that. He’ll go after him right away. But you have to execute. And if you don’t take the ball to where it should be, you’ll pay that price.Logan didn’t back down and came back to him right away [in the next at-bat] and brought him out. “

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