Jaguars Daily: Should Travis Etienne be used like Deebo Samuel?

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Should Jacksonville Jaguars Use Dual Travis Etienne Jr. like Deebo Samuel or Alvin Kamara?

Being the next Deebo Samuel is a hot thing in the NFL right now.

If a player has the skills to be a referee as a quarterback and a receiver, the default assumption seems to be that teams should take advantage of this double risk just as the San Francisco 49ers have used Samuel, moving him throughout the formation to qualify. to him as the receiver of the ball, who also takes the hand.

The same is true of Jacksonville Jaguars’ versatile sniper defender Travis Etienne Jr., who has fully recovered from Lisfranc’s injury that cost him the 2021 rookie season and who looked smooth and fast during the team’s organized team activities this spring. .

But that’s wrong, says ESPN’s Mike DiRocco.

5 Jaguar, who has improved this season

With Jaguars only two months old, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge exactly what progress players have made. But in some cases, it seems that things have clicked for the player.

With that in mind, here are five Jaguars who we think have made progress this season based on what they’ve seen and heard in the building.

ESPN researcher Domonique Foxworth believes Jags could be the 2022 Cincinnati Bengal

The Jacksonville Jaguars mostly finish third in the AFC South, with the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts finishing in most cases ahead of them. In addition, they are projected to regain the top 10 drafts, which means that most people think they have more wins than losses.

ESPN researcher Domonique Foxworth believes the Jaguars have a chance to be this year’s Cincinnati Bengals, rising from fourth place in the 2021 Super Bowl.

As many admitted last season, the Bengals made it to the Super Bowl after reaching 4:11 last year and AFC North finishing fourth. But they quickly turned things around and stunned the football crowd with a 10-7 record and a Super Bowl.

Bruce Smith: Tony Bosell’s Hall of Fame campaign undermined the integrity of the hall

Former Jaguars left-back Tony Boselli will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August, and another celebrity gallery doesn’t look very happy about it.

Bruce Smith, Bill’s great man, the only player in NFL history to receive 200 bags, wrote in his long statement on Instagram that he did not consider Bosell one of the most successful left-wing strikes in NFL history, and questioned the focus of the Bosell Hall of Fame campaign in particular. in a good playoff game that Boselli held against Smith.

NFL Scout: Trevor Lawrence has a “real beginner year” since Urban Meyer left.

The advantage of leaving Jacksonville Jaguars so quickly from Urban Meyer is that it gives Trevor Lawrence the opportunity to work with a new, successful NFL head coach in 2022.

Speaking to ESPN journalist Jeremy Fowler, one AFC scout said the upcoming season was like Lawrence’s “real beginner year” playing for Doug Pederson.

“Hopefully there aren’t too many permanent scars from last year,” the scout added.

There is a strong argument that Jaguars damaged Lawrence’s newcomer season long before he was selected to the general selection No. 1 in 2021.

Rookie WR Kevin Austin Jr hopes to make the most of Jaguars

Shortly after the draw, Jacksonville Jaguars’ impeccability, Kevin Austin Jr., knew where he was going to know. He and his agent worked hard to find the best place, with Austin finally leaving it to Jacksonville to find the best place.

No, it wasn’t easy for a former Notre Dame receiver to see 262 names at the bottom of the TV that weren’t his cross, but it did happen after his name was called and his phone didn’t ring. circle during the three-day extravaganza.

Nevertheless, Austin has overcome the fact that he was not selected, knowing that he has the opportunity to compete for a place on the list that needs talent for the position of recipient.

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Doug Pederson is almost in the top ten in the PFN leaderboard

Although Doug Pederson is not among the top 5 NFL head coaches, his place in the recent standings raised a little eyebrow. After all, he has already won the Super Bowl and won the playoffs three times during his five years at the Philadelphia Eagles.

The good thing is that Jacksonville Jaguars head coach landed in the top of the Pro Football Network rankings.

Mike Kaye of PFN was tasked with ranking all 32 NFL head coaches, and Pederson rose to 11th place, one out of the top ten. Andy Reid and Bill Belichick took first place again, but Mike Tomlin finished third and Sean. McVay earned fourth place. Regarding Pederson, Kaye believes Pederson is the “right leader” to put Jagi on the right track.

At first glance, Travon Walker’s compatibility with Jaguars No. 1

The biggest challenge for NFL evaluators is to determine if the outlook fits perfectly with the team’s scheme. For a media seeker, a lack of information and insight into each organization can make it harder to play a draft game as they try to match the best potential with franchises.

In the 2022 NFL draft, Travon Walker’s surprise rise to No. 1 overall in the media was quite confusing, as many observers were obsessed with producing a product from Georgia instead of focusing on its intriguing qualities as a huge defensive manager. positional flexibility.

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4 Jaguars players who may fall off the depth chart

The Jaguars have a few more OTA workouts left before they can rest and recharge their batteries at the training camp. During this time, several players will compete for list places or try to keep the jobs they had last season.

There will be several training camp battles in the coming weeks and the four Jaguar players could fall on the depth chart.

The Jaguars look much better on the defensive side of the ball

The Jaguars ranked 20th in the NFL in total defense (allowed 353.1 yards per game), 17th against pass (227.9 yards per game), 24th race (allowed 125.1 yards per game) and points allowed in the game 28. (26.9) last season.

In addition, the Jaguars ranked 25th in the defense in the league (about 43 percent of conversions allowed) and 30th in the fourth defense (66.7 percent of conversions allowed). Jacksonville also failed to make a loss of the ball, as the Jaguars were the last to die in the NFL with just nine shots (seven halves and two hits).

Suffice it to say, it wasn’t good.

With all that in mind, Jaguars has shown a clear plan to improve protection this season. Newly hired head coach Doug Pederson brought Mike Caldwell from Tampa Bay Buccaneers to lead the defense, and Pederson and Caldwell have made significant improvements to the staff on that side – at least on paper.

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