San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance has begun to receive serious media attention as the 22-year-old’s potential is accompanied by many analysts as he begins his second season in the NFL.

During a recent NFL Total Access appearanceJames Jones, a former receiver for Green Bay Packers, continued the same trend, going so far as to compare Lance to his former quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“I think we’re watching a bona fide superstar [in Lance]”Like Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers,” said Jones. The same was true of Patrick Mahomes, the sample size was small, but everyone says, “Wait. This baby is going to be special. And it’s the same thing that comes from the 49ers’ locker room for Trey Lance.”

Jones pointed to Lance’s qualities and abilities, as well as head coach Kyle Shanahan, as a reason to put Lance in the same company as the other superstars.

“Everyone says he’s written a superstar. There’s nothing he can do. He can play drama. [and has a] really strong hand. [Head coach] Kyle Shanahan puts him in very good positions. I think he falls into that category years ago and talks about him like we do about Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. “

Lance’s two-dimensional abilities were highlighted last season as he plunged 89 yards in his first attempt against the Arizona Cardinals in 16 attempts, while Houston scored 248 yards in the second start against Texas Texans.

Unlike other defenders recruited at the start of his drift class, Lance has minimal experience in starting the NFL, but will be the signalman for 49ers in 2022 as the team continues to try to send veteran quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who underwent surgery. injured shoulder earlier this season.