Draymond Green’s place among MSU NBA players is becoming clearer

This is Earvin’s “Magic” Johnson and Draymond Green. This is at the top of the list. Michigan’s two best-ever NBA players.

This has been the case for some time. But Green’s fourth NBA championship with Golden State last week secured his place there – beating prominent Sparta NBA highlights such as Zach Randolph and Steve Smith.

There are many ways to measure MSU large figures. When I originally ranked the top 50 in 2014 – and every update in that list since then – I only set the criteria for MSU performance and program impact. NBA careers and / or professional potential were insignificant. Green on this list started 11th in my book and is now 13th all-time, sliding two places to make room for Cassius Winston (3) and Denzel Valentine (7). Maybe Green should climb on this list as well, as he continues to influence the program both financially and as an unwavering ambassador.

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