Bleacher’s report: 49ers is probably sorry that Deebo did not extend Samuel earlier

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Bleacher Report researcher Kristopher Knox recently listed one off-season regret (h / t Niners Noise) for each NFL team. This regret for the Kansas City Chiefs allowed Charvarius Ward to leave. In March, corner defender San Francisco signed a three-year, $ 40.5 million deal with the 49ers, forcing the Chiefs to use the first-round selection against Trent McDuffie.

But what about the regret over 49ers? Is this a difficult situation with Jimmy Garoppologa, a veteran quarterback they would like to replace but can’t? Doesn’t that directly dismiss the whole out-of-season worry that Garoppolo’s successor, Trey Lance, isn’t ready to take over? In fact, neither is it.

Knox feels that 49ers’ biggest regret in the off-season is that Deebo Samuel didn’t sign a contract extension before. Earlier this season, their star player watched as a large-scale receiver market exploded and his peers signed mega-contracts far more than anyone expected. Although this increased Samuel’s value, San Francisco did not seem to want to make the deal quickly and make the scale happy.

Then Samuel asked to be traded and the off-season drama went off the charts.

“Deebo Samuel, the receiver of the San Francisco 49ers, was not at OTA, although he participated in a mandatory mini-camp,” Knox wrote. “Pro Bowler is looking for a new deal, but his return to the mini-camp seems to indicate that he won’t be able to stand it during the regular season.”

While Samuel participated in a mandatory mini-camp that ended the 49ers off-season program, he did not participate. However, no one seemed too worried and the 49ers still seem to be relatively confident that the deal will be made.

49ers usually receive extensions in late July or early August. However, head manager John Lynch could save his team significant money by deviating from his usual routine.

“Nevertheless, San Francisco is likely to want Samuel extended at the start of the break, as new deals for Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, AJ Brown and Cooper Kup have revived the receiver market,” Knox wrote. “Brown is the cheapest of the four and earns $ 25 million a year on his new contract. It’s probably a floor for Samuel now, though there’s a small caveat for 49ers.”

Knox notes comments from NFL Network insider Ian Report. In April, he said Samuel may be worried about how he was used last season – as a broad receiver and a reflux hybrid. The complication, of course, is that the role of dual danger helped increase Samuel’s value.

“The 49ers may not want to pay him the highest amount of money for being the only recipient,” Knox wrote. “However, if they plan to keep him, they may no longer have a choice. If the 49ers had detained Samuel before the free agency, a $ 20 million a year deal could have been feasible. Now that Hill gets $ 30 million a year – and much less proven Christian Kirk gets 18 million a year – San Francisco is unlikely to have any chance of keeping Samuel on a team-friendly deal.

The liner, Deebo Samuel, is said to be participating in the San Francisco 49ers’ three-day mandatory mini-camp, which begins Tuesday, this week. The end of the organized team activities was originally scheduled for this week, a mini-camp was planned for next week. However, the 49ers changed their plans, raising the mini-camp a week higher. Source: # 49ersi star WR Deebo Samuel is welcome in the mini-camp from today. – Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

Those who are wondering if the winger Deebo Samuel will join the San Francisco 49ers teammate during the mandatory mini-camp received an answer today. The star player was present but did not fit in for the first day of the three-day mini-camp, which should come as no surprise. Athletic reported that Samuel spent time running on the side field. Deebo Samuel is practicing in a mini camp, but is not in uniform. He runs in the side field. – Matt Barrows (@mattbarrows) Jun 7

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to reporters on Tuesday after the team’s first training at his three-day mandatory mini-camp. Clearly, journalists were eager to ask about two players eligible for a contract extension – winger Deebo Samuel and defender Nick Bosa. Earlier this season, Samuel applied to be replaced. Bosa has trained in Florida with his brother Joey Bosa from the Los Angeles Chargers. Both Samuel and Bosa were present on Tuesday. Samuel was not clothed and left the gym after warming up. Bosa participated in individual exercises. The 49ersi coach was asked about the team’s relationship with Samuel in the middle of the mid-season drama. “I think it has always been

Coaches and players have noticed a difference in the locker room now that veterans like tackle Trent Williams and defender Nick Bosa have returned to Santa Clara. The San Francisco 49ers will hold a three-day mandatory mini-camp this week, which ends Thursday. Another new entrant is Deebo Samuel, who had seemingly left the 49ers by this week. “[Deebo]Trent and Bosa, when they’re in the building, are a little different, “quarterback Trey Lance said on Tuesday. San Francisco would like to extend his contract with Samuel. his peers made money this season.

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