2022 NBA Draft Buzz: Intel’s Latest Prospect and VIP Lottery Teams

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    We are only days away from the 2022 NBA draft, which means teams are talking, rumors are spreading and information is being traded.

    There is still a lot of discussion about who Orlando Magic will take with No. 1 general selection. New questions have also been raised about Chet Holmgren.

    Transactions starting with Sacramento Kings # 4 will also be discussed.

    It’s not typical to hear anything specific before the draft week, so the next few days should include a lot more rumors.


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    Since the lottery night, competing teams have largely predicted that Orlando Magic will favor Jabari Smith in the first place. Over the past week, however, we’ve heard that Magic is doing his homework on Chet Holmgren. The idea that Orlando is considering him has gained momentum.

    Smith also worked in the Oklahoma City Thunder and spent several days with them. This suggests that Magic has not given him any assurance that he will choose first.

    Smith also trained in Orlando.

    There have also been questions about Holmgren’s willingness to take a physical and NBA cardiac test. It is unclear whether he intends to or only for specific teams, but the idea that he is trying to lead his way to (or away from) certain teams exists.


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    The teams do not expect Bennedict Mathurin to pass the 8th place in the New Orleans Pelicans. Most people across the league believe he will be off the table by then.

    With a strong and explosive 6’6-inch (in shoes) and a lovely shooting shot, Mathurin probably looks great in training conditions. He has proven himself more than Shaedon Sharpe, much sportier than AJ Griffin and a more dangerous goal scorer / shooter compared to Dyson Daniels.

    The Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers and Portland Trail Blazers could all qualify for Mathurin’s 2/3 positions. His range looks like No. 4-7.

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    As Keegan Murray, Dyson Daniels and Bennedict Mathurin appear to be locked in the top eight, AJ Griffin is thought to be vulnerable to slipping.

    Although Shaedon Sharpe never played for a minute in Kentucky, most think he is offering too much progress for teams to pass between 6-10.

    At the same time, not everyone has bought more than a shooting to offer Griffin. With 39 games in Duke, he scored 38 assists, 20 interceptions and 53 free throws. This has raised questions about his insufficient bursting and heavier legs to create, blow or protect.

    Although we haven’t received a word about Griffin’s doctors raising red flags, the history of his injuries in high school is widely known. Griffin on board when New York Knicks’ No. 11 option is possible.


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    Some believe that Ousmane Dieng will get attention from the lottery teams and even some will make it into the top 10.

    He is considered a high-risk, high-paying voter, so believers may see an attractive rise in the range where most potential people are role players.

    The idea of ​​Dieng, a 6’9-inch guarded wing, was always more compelling than its production. But in the second half of the NBL season, he put together an impressive scoring and punch, which sparked optimism about his development.

    It seems that Dieng may go to 8th place in the New Orleans Pelicans or 9th place in the San Antonio Spurs at the earliest.


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    The teams expect the Sacramento Kings to discuss deals until they are in 4th place.

    At this stage, the price of Option 4 is expected to be steep, although it would normally take a few days for the draft. This price is likely to drop as we approach 8pm on Thursday.

    Although Jaden Ivey is ranked fourth in the draft, the teams say nothing is ever expected of Sacramento. Shaedon Sharpe is considered a place to sleep when the Kings remain in place, although Keegan Murray is also thought to deserve attention.


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    – Rival teams continue to think Jaden Ivey is the 2nd sleeper for the Oklahoma City Thunder, especially when Jabari Smith goes first. Despite Holmgren’s first place, it seems that scouts still share nerves about his body and limited creativity. No one sounds hesitant about Ivey. He wouldn’t fit perfectly into the OKC team, which already has Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddey, so the belief that he’s the No. 2 choice may be more related to a lack of trust in Holmgren.

    – Jake LaRavia has been called back for several other trainings. The assumption is that he’s going somewhere in his 20s. The general consensus is that this is a highly skilled and intelligent attacker whose versatility controls the right boxes in today’s NBA.

    – Andrew Nembhard could sneak into his 20s after winning
    teams during an NBA combination. Although it was only one scramble, he easily dominated the second round of prospects with more freedom than Gonzagas.

    – The common position is that Johnny Davis’ draft is in 10th place. Most expect the Washington Wizards to embrace him when he’s at the table and there is no other surprise drop.

    – Scouts expect teams in their teens and 20s to make their choices available. Next year’s draft is expected to be one of the best in recent times, so some non-lottery teams may make their 2022 selection complete if they can add another first-round player next year.

    – Dalen Terry is expected to be selected in the first round and rumors about her will alleviate her worries about her shooting numbers during training. With a range of 6’7 “and almost 7’1” wings, he is a unique player due to the fact that he played a point defender and defends the wings. Once the big names are removed from the table, the uniqueness of this draft can add value.

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